How to change your name on Facebook

Did you get married and want to change your name? Do you prefer to use a diminutive or a nickname, if you are an artist? Facebook allows you to change your name on its platform, but the rules are pretty strict. But don’t worry about it, in this topic we will explain you step by step How to change your name on facebook app & desktop

How can I change my Facebook name 2019?

Everything then happens in the “General” tab, where you find: your name, the name of your account, your contact address, etc. But this is also where you decide what will happen to your Facebook account when you are no longer in this world.

In the “Name” line, click on “Modify“. You can change your first and last name, as well as add a middle name. To add a nickname, you must click on “Add other names”. Your nickname will appear next to your main name.

By clicking on “Preview of the change“, you can choose in which order your identity is displayed: “first name + last name” or “last name + first name“.

To confirm the changes, enter your Facebook password and click on “Save changes“.

How to change the name of your Facebook account

The name of your account corresponds to the URL that appears when you are in your profile: ““. To change it, it’s always in “Settings“, then “General“. Select the “Edit” account name.

Please note, however, that you cannot have the same account name as another Facebook user.

The platform specifies that an account name must contain at least five characters but not special characters.

Above all, as with your username, it must be your own identity. The social network, as opposed to anonymity, tolerates diminutives, but not offensive words and identity theft.

Simple, right? Not so fast. There are many reasons why this operation still fails.   

The first concern of Facebook, when you want to change the name of a Page, is that you divert a community from its original mission.

Here are the 3 prohibitions mentioned during a name change:

  1. “To mislead people by representing a person, company or organization other than your own.”
  2. “Insert variants of the word” Facebook “or add the word” official. “
  3. “Use terms or phrases that may be offensive or infringe the rights of a third party.”

Then, in general, Facebook applies the following prohibitions on the choice of a name:

  1. “Incorrect use of capital letters (eg, tHe best CaFE). Page names must use grammatically correct capitalization and contain only capital letters, except for acronyms. “
  2. “Unnecessary symbols (eg ®) or punctuation marks.”
  3. “Descriptions or slogans (for example The Best Cafe: we serve the best cafe in town). Page managers can add this information to the About section of the Page.
  4. “Generic terms (for example Pizza). The Pages must be managed by the authorized representatives of the subjects to which they are devoted. ”

Can you change your name indefinitely on Facebook?

Would you like to change your Facebook name every week to confuse your contacts? Unfortunately, the social network does not allow you to modify this information for 60 days after a previous modification.

So think twice before inserting a private joke in your Facebook name or renaming a friend whose password you know. Because two months with a schoolboy joke as a name on Facebook is a long time, Very long.

how to change your name on facebook on computer

To change your name on Facebook from the PC:

  1. Click here to access the correct section of your account settings
  1. Enter your new First name, Last names and possibly Middle name
  1. You can also add other names that allow you to find (for example, stage name, nickname, etc.)
  1. Click Review change then enter your facebook password and click on Save change button.

how to change your name on facebook app 2021

  1. Open the Facebook smartphone app
  1. Go to the icon at the top right or bottom right depending on your version
  1. Scroll down and touch Settings & privacy> Settings> Personal information

  1. Touch your Name then change it
  1. Tap Review Change then confirm with your password for the change to take effect, after that click on Save Change button

Changing your name on Facebook: the conditions to know

A priori, it is not possible to choose too fanciful names on Facebook.

The social network gives its conditions. The name should not include:

  •   symbols, numbers, usual capitalization, double characters or punctuation
  •   special characters that do not belong to the same language
  •   titles of any kind (one cannot, a priori, call oneself “master” for example)
  •   words or phrases instead of a name
  •   offensive or explicit words of any kind

Why can’t I change my name on Facebook?

There are a few reasons,
 If your name doesn’t follow there name policy, then also they won’t change your name.

* If you already changed your name within 60 days, So as per the Facebook policy you can’t change your name or if you tried too change your Facebook name frequently.

* Maybe your name doesn’t match with there ID list

Final words :

So, as you read the full article I hope your all doubts are cleared. Because we already explained to you, that how to change your name on facebook app and how to change your name on facebook desktop also. If we miss anything please comment below so we can cover that topic also

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