How to Change Business Category on Facebook in 4 Steps

How to Change Business Category on Facebook

  1. Click on About which is available in the left side of your page
  2. Click Edit next to Category.
  3. Type in up to 3 categories and select an option from the dropdown list that appears.
  4. Click Save.

Some years ago, you could only choose your Facebook page category once when creating it.

The platform offered several page category options.

These Facebook page categories allowed users to venture into fields such as sports, local services, magazines, and books.

Most times, Facebook would restrict users to one specific niche once they select it.

All the same, each Facebook category was broad and offered a considerable level of flexibility.

In a case where the user wished to change the general Facebook page category, they had to match a series of requirements.

In this article, we discuss how to change business category on Facebook?

Nowadays, the procedure to set up a Facebook page category is straightforward.

Users are free to choose from numerous Facebook page categories.

Besides, these days Facebook allows you to choose up to three Facebook page categories.

Multiple Facebook categories can as well fit on one page.

For instance, a local newspaper could select the website category, the magazine category, and the local services category.

Since 2016, Facebook turned the page category box into an open option that is also a free-form selection.

The platform now offers thousands of page categories.

Any keyword you search presents a considerable number of page categories that you can pursue.

For instance, if you type the following keywords, the next page categories would pop up.

Boat: Sailing Instructor, Boat Dealership, Boat Sales, Boat Tours, Marina, Boat Rental, Boat Service.
Local: Government Official, Local Travel, farmers Market, Government Building.
Music: Arts & Entertainment, Music Store, Musician/Band, Music Video, Music venue, Music Award, Artist, Song.

How to change business category on Facebook?

Generally speaking, there are more page categories that you can pursue.

Besides, the platform allows you to select up to three varied and specific page categories.

It enables you to select only the most specific categories.

For example, if you choose music and song, it is most likely to keep the song category.

What are the key factors about how to change business category on Facebook?

Generally, the limitations that Facebook sets on what type of pages you can select are somewhat an antiquated procedure.

Also, the platform features regular updates. In other words, Facebook could adjust or exclude any feature in the future.

In this post, we will explain how Facebook pages work nowadays. However, you should note that this description could change over time.

• To begin with, ten major features on Facebook pages vary depending on the category. Only four elements remain constant. The Facebook user guidelines state that every page comes with:
• The capacity to write a description of the entity or business that the page represents
• The capacity to link to a website for the entity or business that the page represents
• The capacity to list certain services that the entity or business offers
• The capacity to turn on review and rating systems so that followers can give star ratings and also review the services that the entity or business offers
• The capacity to share a specific email that users can use to contact representatives of the entity or business
• The capacity to add a phone number for users to contact the entity or business that the page represents

Several categories of Facebook pages offer access to more features, such as:

• It features the capacity to share a specific address, which is available for pages that fall into categories that showcase a business address, such as sports entities, local services, organizations, and companies.
• It can add a location map by using the map system that Facebook offers. The location can be useful for users who would like to find a business within their reach. This option is available for categories that indicate business addresses.
• It features the capacity to showcase specific working hours. This option is also available for Facebook page categories where working hours’ differences could annoy clients when they log on the page.
• It features the capacity to allow users to check in with the page’s location, share to their timeline that they visited the entity, and maybe encourage other customers to choose the firm. This feature is only available for local services, organizations, and limited companies.

There is a considerable level of flexibility in what Facebook allows and does not allow.

Facebook automatically selects allow wherever it is necessary.

For instance, a Facebook page that represents a book cannot indicate available hours.

However, if it is a local service page, Facebook would showcase business hours by default.

When you create a new Facebook page or you edit an existing one, you cannot select or change the categories at any point.

It is important to note that if you make any changes to the three Facebook page categories in a manner that deletes any feature, you will lose access to that specific feature.

For instance, if you add business hours to your Facebook page, and you change the category option to television/ movies/ books programs, you will automatically lose access to the feature of business hours.

The good thing is that Facebook saves information about the previous page.

Therefore, if you wish to change back, the last options pop up automatically.

Our focus today is on how to change business category on Facebook.

The procedure to change your Facebook page category is simple.

It can take a few seconds, especially if you understand what you are doing.

In a case where you make changes in your Facebook page category and realize that you lose a vital feature, you can as well reverse the changes.

How exactly can you make changes to your Facebook page category? Here are the steps to take.

What are the key steps when working on how to change business category on Facebook?

The first step is to ensure that you log into a Facebook business manager or account that has admin control over the page.

Only admins can make changes to the page category.

Also, only admins can make changes to the role any other use of the page can access.

Next, log in to the page. You can do this by clicking on the arrow in the upper-right part of the platform near the help question mark and select the page you wish to change.

Also, you can access the page by typing the URL directly.

You can also search the page in the search bar.

Clicking on the arrow at the upper part of the page enables you to access all your pages if you run several pages.

Make sure that you pick the exact page that you wish to edit.

Once you access the page as an admin, there are two methods of editing its category

The first method allows you to complete the procedure directly from its homepage.

Below the cover photo, you can navigate through several boxes with labels such as share, following, liked, and so on. Click on the box that features dots.

The box with dots is the command context menu of the page.

It gives the user several options, such as creating a milestone pinning the page to shortcuts menu, managing ads, creating events, creating ads, viewing page insights, and editing the page info.

Click on edit page info.

A box pops up when you click on edit page info.

The box allows you to make changes to several features of the page.

For instance, you can edit your Impressum as well as your categories.

Under the Contact feature, you can link your email addresses, websites, and phone numbers if your page categories allow.

On the other hand, under the Location feature, you can connect your geographic location, such as the street address.

Under the Hours feature, you can add your working hours.

What we focus on in this post is the page category feature.

There could be at least one entry selected by default, depending on the previous page category configuration.

You can remove any page category that you do not like and type to find and add a new page category.

If you want to be sure of not impeding any other types of information on the page, you could click on the About option in the left-hand column that is present below the profile picture.

Clicking on the page would direct you to your current contact info, business info, username, name, and existing categories.

If you click on the Edit option available next to the page category, a box will pop up to allow you to make changes in that field.

The functionality of the Edit option is just similar to that of changing the page info.

How Do I Change My Facebook Page Category To Local Business?

The procedure to change your category to local business is almost the same as the one we discussed for the case of how to change business category on Facebook. 

If you understand the procedure well, then you can as well make these changes.

In this case, you will search for ‘local business’ under the category option. 

How to change business category on Facebook 2019?

The most precise answer to this question is that the procedure to change the category of your Facebook page in 2020 is almost the same as that of 2019.

The procedure we presented above is the 2019 version and has changed just a few aspects if you compare it to that of 2019.

The 2020 Facebook version allows you to pick up to three categories.

Can You Change The Name Of Your Business Page On Facebook?

Some years ago, you could only choose your Facebook page category once when creating it.

The platform offered several page category options. Nowadays, the procedure to set up a Facebook page category is straightforward.

Users are free to choose from numerous Facebook page categories. Besides, these days Facebook allows you to choose up to three Facebook page categories.

How to Change a Facebook Account Category on Phone?

The page category appears just beneath your page name.

It helps individuals to find what they need.

Initially, changing the Facebook account category was not easy since you had to select the account category when creating it.

Today, setting a page category has made much more accessible and flexible.

You are not limited to just one Facebook category since multiple categories can fit under the same category.

When editing an existing account, you are allowed to change your category anytime.

How to change business category on Facebook? To change your page categories using your mobile phone, follow the following steps.

Make sure you log in into an account that has admin control only administrators are allowed to change the category of the Facebook account.

The Facebook account should have other roles of the admin.

This suggestion includes activities such as changing the roles members on the page can access.

How to change business category on Facebook with my phone? You can type the URL directly to search for the page name, and click the top bar and click the relevant result.

Alternatively, you can click the drop-down arrow in the upper right and choose the page.  You can also edit the page category directly from the home page.

You can see several boxes with labels such as like, following, or share, click the one that has dots on it.

The button on your command context gives you several options like edit page, view the page as a visitor, or view page insights, creating ads creating a new page or creating a milestone.

The appropriate option here is edit page info.

After clicking edit the page, several options pop up.

Under the General tab, edit the categories to fit your preference.

You will an access option to provide your contact information.

You can choose to provide your phone number, email or your website. On the other hand, you can click on the about section.

There is a column on the left-hand side below your profile picture.

It brings a list of all your existing categories, contact information, user name, and business information.

Next, click the edit button as one types of Facebook will provide you with several page categories based on the keywords.

It is important to note if you type a page category that is not real. Facebook will not allow you to save.

When you chose the correct category, it remains in the keyword box.

You can click X to remove the page category you were deleting.

It’s important to note in the about section that only the first three categories appear.

Once you remove the old page categories, it cannot change after one has saved the changes.

This process is irreversible. Regardless of the flexibility in the modern way of editing your category, there are a number of challenges.

The problem arises when finding only three Facebook page categories that can fit your business cover without leaving out vital information.

How to Change Facebook Business Page to Public Figure

When creating your page log in to Facebook, Create a page, select, public figure as the page type.

To use a public figure page effectively, one needs to state the area of specialization.

A public figure page is an effective way to reach out to clients, especially if people see you as an authority in your area of specialization. 

How to change business category on Facebook to switch to a public figure page?

There are various reasons why a public figure page logical over personal profiles.

It is also essential to understand that the significant difference between a business page and a public figure page is that a business page promotes what you are selling.

In contrast, a public figure page tells about who you are.

Having a public figure account doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal.

  • It is the best way of growing personal brand on Facebook.
  • It is a more natural way for clients to reach out.
  • The page earns more likes, which proves authority.
  • It is a way of promoting one’s content.
  • It gives a detailed and elaborate insight on how the page is performing.

If you are looking forward to changing your business account to the public page, then you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to Facebook
  2. Click the edit button on the left-hand side below your profile picture.
  3. Then Click on the already existing category, click x to delete the existing page category, click artist, band, or public figure on the edit page.
  4. Click adds a picture to create a more professional shot.
  5. After that Click on ‘add cover’ to upload your cover picture.
  6. Click the drop-down the line and select category from the menu artist, actor, editor, and others.
  7. Type your name in the name box
  8. Click ok on ‘I agree to Facebook terms and conditions.
  9. Get started on your new public figure Facebook account

If you are an artist, you may consider having a public figure, especially if you do not want to share your personal life with your followers.

In this type of account, you do not need to have the products or services for you to get started.

For instance, you can choose to explain a book or a song that you are yet to publish.

It is essential to use a public figure, which is not the same as your profile name.

It is also possible to use your public figure page to boost your business.

For example, you can post short videos, which you may later explain in your article.

Ensure that your followers view you not just as their friend but also as their icon.

Remember that most of your viewers who buy into your mission are likely to buy from your personal stories.

You can connect your public figure page to a business manager account to boost your posts and to run ads.

If you do not have an existing business manager, create one.

After creating a business manager account, you acclaim your public figure account.

How to Change Business Facebook Account to Personal?

Business pages often help to market products or services that an individual may be offering.

On the other hand, personal accounts help to share entirely own stuff such as photos, videos, or content solely from one’s profile.

It is not easy changing an account from business to personal as compared to changing a personal account to a business account.

Sometimes a fatter making a business account, one may realize that they have made a mistake while creating the account.

It is possible to rectify the error, or sometimes one may want to reverse the Facebook account into personal from business.

If the company is no longer in existence one may decide to change the page account for their profiles.

However, you have to change the page categories by following these steps officially;

First, you have to request for reversal.

Once Facebook operators have received your reversal request they review your application to determine if your page should be personal.

Your offer may be accepted.

The approval depends on whether you can prove that you made a mistake while creating the page.

Also, they will consider it if your page leaks, and the hackers gained access to your profile.

Above all, you can convert the operators that your page was not running any business at all.

Reversal may is inaccessible if you just created, and it’s never been a profile initially.

If your request declines several, you may choose to contact Facebook directly through emails or contacts provided in the help center.

If all the requests’ to change your account backfires you may want to delete the account through these steps permanently,

  1. Log to Facebook
  2. Find the name of your page in the menu on the right-hand side.
  3. Click the edit button
  4. Choose manage permission
  5. Just above the save button click delete permanently

A confirmation message sent asking if you are sure you want to delete the account, click delete.

A sometimes person register their business page and later realizes they are not able to maintain the page and decide to change to personal profiles.

It is possible to run the business on one’s accounts even though Facebook does not allow one to use their pages entirely for commercialized activities.

If you want to use your account for business purposes, you may want to check Facebook terms and conditions.

Even though some people may sneak businesses into their pages, they may not have some managerial mandates like blocking certain words or people.

Changing an account from company to persona is hard since, after sending your request, if it denied, you are never given a second chance.

The other option could be changing the account from the business page to a personal blog.

Every business page has a list of tabs under the profile picture. For example, about business, photographs, or videos, you can scrap them.

We would advise that instead of changing your business account into a personal page, try turning into a blog or to a public figure.

This statement can be a handful resource when working on how to change business category on Facebook.

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