How To Train A Puppy To Walk On The Leash

How to Train a Puppy to walk on the leash

Exploring is in the dog’s nature, they get curious about everything they see around them which is why it gets very painful to make them walk nicely by your side.  Well, this is something that is very important to learn … continue reading

How to Take Care of Husky Puppy

Huskies are the most incredible animals, covered with double coated snow-like hair, you can always recognise them from distance. Huskies are very popular among dog lovers, however, they always demand extra care and training as they grow older which is … continue reading

how to train a puppy in a kennel

In order to train your puppy in a Kennel or Crate first, you must need to learn what is Kennel training and how to train a puppy in a kennel Well, it is the process of teaching your puppy to … continue reading

How to Take Care of a NewBorn Puppy

When you bring home a newborn puppy, he is not less than an infant. He needs as much care as a baby. Taking care of a newborn puppy is very exhausting and time-consuming but trust me, it is worth the … continue reading

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