How to Change Origin Name in Few Steps

Origin describes online gaming with digital privileges management and a distributor made up of electronic arts.

Electronic art lets users purchase games on their cell phones and PCs.

By doing this, the foundational store enables the origin to platform users to purchase games on an EA catalog, which occurs at a full price basis.

The origin platform makes clear in your mind that after buying the software, it may last for long.

Ever since no parameters are available in regards to the period of a specific game to download, the user can download them several times.

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How To Change Origin Name 2021

  1. Login into the account
  2. Bottom of the left side you get your profile click on View My Profile
  3. Top right corner you get Edit on
  4. Now you get the Edit option in front of the Basic Information
  5. After that one popup will come they ask you for verification, you have to click on send code and then you have to check your mail and enter that code.

How to Change Origin Name (video)


(Ways for Creating an Origin Account)


People can get accessed to the online gaming platform by following these simple steps.

They are as follows;

  • The first step is by downloading the recommended origin account from the platform, and then you’ll be required to register in your details
  • Another way of creating an account is by creating an EA account through the EA Help before installing the platform
  • Also, you can register on the platform
  • Lastly, when you open the website, click on the small avatar sign found at the top bar, and then choose to open an account.

Things Needed For Creating an EA Account

When one is creating a fresh account on EA, there are some tools you’re supposed to hand in so as make EA account:

  • You have to produce the mail address that will enable you to receive on platforms update. Don’t provide your email address that includes one from school or place of work, but as an alternative, provide free ones like Gmail or yahoo.
  • Another thing you’re supposed to give is the identification card. This card will help you to become famous on EA accounts, origin, and their headquarters.                                                                                    
  • One is supposed to have a password that can help your account be secured. The platform recommends that it should be hard.
  • You may provide your home country to get notified about the sites updates
  • You can submit your birth date so that developers of the game, if you’re suitable for the games.

 In addition to these, you will have to pass through the captcha to ensure that you aren’t automation.

Ensure you choose a natural question that you can answer after passing through the captcha.

The reason for doing so is that you could need them when updating your account information and verification.

Below these questions, you’ll find an alternative to whom that you may need to see your EA account report.

This report is the only way you can know that your EA account exists.

After that, you’re capable of playing these online games.

How to Move Origin Games To a New File Location

Origin games do not require high storage machines for storage.

Here are some of the light steps people can follow when running the games from one place toward the other.

Also, you don’t need to be downloading now and then.

  • More importantly, trace the game that you need to move to your gaming library.
  • Then, you can right-click to the game icon then choose Move game.
  • Find a way to the new folder where you may want to move the platforms game. However, the game has some limitations whereby it chooses the type of folders to store data. The good thing with such kind of games is that they will notify you if you cannot use the one ones you picked
  • Then lastly, click to select the Folder to move them quickly without inconveniences.

When you are through with these all steps, games are going to transfer into new folders selected.

Then After this, the game is going to repair by itself to ensure all the files transfer appropriately.

Note; you’re only permitted to move this game this form if the game is currently not in line for downloading.

How to Locate One of Your Game

Do not get worried by finding it hard to trace the game files.

The following steps can guide you on how to relocate them

  • First, you can have a look at the game you wish to place in your Game Library.
  • Then, Right-click on game tile and opt for find game.
  • Finally, look for a folder to where the game may be present, and then click on Select file

The Origin platform will then afterward find all the data it needs, so to re-download and later on install the game for you.

These are a little bit easy for ages below 13 years.

How to use Origin In-Game

When people need to get online assistance, talk to their friends, and even showing their games to switch.

You can talk about the origin in- Game, and here we are going to show you how-to on using origin in-Game.

How to turn on Origin In-Game

Now, if someone dreams of being a superstar in origin gaming platform and has the best exciting experience, then you should think of turning yourself to origin in-game platform.

Below are some of the steps that you can follow to get to the platform.

  • Onto your PC or cell phone, click on the origin website and sign in to your EA account.
  • Set up the application setting from the original set of choices whether on your PC or phone
  • Then, click on the platforms tab
  • Finally, switch on to activate origin in-game.

How to use Origin In-Game

For you to get accessed to this gaming platform, you have to press on a particular keyboard key.

This explanation happens when changing the games’ automatic setting or playing a game.

These keys may include Pressing shift+F1 (during the playing of the game) or shift+F1 (to replace the keyboard settings.

Finally, you may choose on a particular feature by clicking the icon at the bottom of the platforms screen.

Origin In-Game on Mac

The recently revised platform was the Mojave OS of the Mac platform that contains several new and most improved safety measures characters like the SIP (system integrity protection).

The SIP has thirty party applications that secure them from formations that exploit and temper with the system.

Due to the introduction of this feature to the online gaming, the Origin in-name fails to work if you upgrade it to Mojave OS.

Luckily, for now, you may use origin in-game instead of SIP.

Now you may ask yourself this question on how to exit SIP.

These simple guidelines may lead you through. The most important thing to do is to turn off your machine (computer).

When the computer is still restarting, press the command button +R.

This step will launch the backup mode.

If you do it well, you may see MAC utilities.

  • Click on the utility icon, which is on the top menu of the menu bar.
  • Don’t click on the disk utilities that are at the center of the screen on your machine. Click on the terminal icon.
  • Type in the word ‘csrutil disable’ on the final image, then enter key on your keyboard.
  • However, to relate these to the changes you made, restart your PC again.

How to Turn Off In-Game Purchasing

To improve your playing skills or characters, you have to purchase the first world.

The virtual goods that a particular player receives in the exchange of real-world currency are friendly and commonly invented by game producers.

However, if you don’t mind in-game purchasing, you may simply switch them off.

More of this article explains how to switch them off

How to turn off in-game purchasing


This method is a simple and faster purchase of online games on your PC.

However, you can keep your payment records onto your EA account if you only do recurring businesses.

When logging in your payment in formations to the Origin platform and you don’t need to save the payment methods, you can quickly type keep my billing record to my safe for future basis.

Having a baby account may not allow you to make in-game trading due to a child’s safety measures.


Games like play station, Xbox, Xbox Live, or the play station network have to set to control in-game trade for games.

In other words, if you mind systemizing, you’ll need to check on the privacy and security settings.

This method is the same as family settings and parental guidelines.

These two measures help in controlling expenditures onto your account.

Mobile Phone

When playing these online games on your cell phone, it’s possible to enhance game purchases.

Devices such as windows phone, apple, android, and iOS limit you to purchase some applications once there is a change in systems settings.

We have majorly discussed this device and how to set them.

  • Android devices-when you opt to avoid buying via Google play, you must set up your device to need a password for you to purchase them.
  • Windows devices-always fix up your pin for your money pouch and also children’s site.
  • IOS-so as to put off in-game buying onto your iPhone, iPod touch; use such settings to be asked whenever you need to purchase.

How to Provide Evidence of Buying EA Games

When you carry out an EA purchase, you may be required to provide proof of your daily purchases.

Screenshots, photographs, and images that you may use to show your evidence must be unstopped or unedited.

This point is essential to evade the procedure of providing new ones.

However, the use of DCL (downloadable content) avoids the use primarily on computers.

 When Already Purchased the Game on Mobile Phone

To provide proof about your buying of these online gaming platforms, you have to look at your business deal record for digital comfort and in-game purchase.

However, if you lack the idea of how to screenshot on your computer and Mac, this method is what you are supposed to be doing; press the screenshot button (shift+command+4) on the Mac while Cntrl+print screen.

you are required to put together your photographs onto your account (EA) for support so that game developers can get them quickly.

The Google Play Store

Here you are required to produce the following pictures to act as evidence of trade if you once bought a game on play store.

Remember to access the screenshot of the following;

  • A confirmatory mail that you got that enabled you to purchase a game
  • Also, it’s essential to make sure that your screenshots have the following;
  • The name of the product to be purchased
  • The code of the game
  • The order number /the transaction card
  • Your essential and useful mail showing your clear profile picture
  • The time or date of the game purchase

ITunes App Store

Whenever you purchase a game on the iTunes platform remember to provide the screenshots of the following;

  • Give your recent buying records with iTunes clients.
  • The email to confirm that you conducted transactions with the iTunes account
  • Also, a point to remember is that make sure that your screenshots have; the name of the item you bought, transaction ID, time and date the business took place, and the code of the game that you purchased.

Where Can You Get EA Money Cards And How To Make Use Of Them?

Having heard of the prize cards, therefore, EA also uses such kind of cards.

You can give the cards to your pals so that they can access what they need on the Origin platform like pogo games and computer games.

Furthermore, you can’t add money to your EA account when you have cash cards.

Where to Get a Cash Card?

These types of cards are only obtainable in countries like Belgium, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, the USA, Sweden, UK, etc.

If you happen to come from a different country, it is hard for you to access these services.

However, there is a condition that you must redeem money cards you bought the ticket.

In other words, if you happened to buy the card in France, you’ll be needed to redeem the voucher in France and not in the UK.

How to Use EA Cash Card?

People can access their accounts after activating their money cards.

This procedure can proceed through keying in

After that, you can click on the payment method tap .immediately, this process is done you can read your balance under the EA file.

These money cards are obtainable in little penny depending on the type of money charges of your country

How To Troubleshoot Origin Games That Won’t Download Install Or Load?

At times one can try installing or even downloading a game, and you get blocked.

The following steps may guide you on how to troubleshoot origin games and get back to regular playing mood.

Still, first, we must know what troubleshooting, which may generally describe an outline of analytical solving often applied to failed products on a computer is.

When a Game Won’t Download

If one tries to download origin game, but it doesn’t download, then try to track the following steps below to get them in secure modes first, open the Origin buyer, and sign up your into account.

  • Hand over your EA ID and connect the Application Settings.
  • Then relate it to on Diagnostics.
  • During troubleshooting, switch it on a protected mode downloading.
  • Start Origin again and then attempt to download your game again.

What to Do When the Download Gets Stuck At 4 GB

If you happen to be using a computer and you start experiencing issues immediately, your game downloading reaches 4 gigabytes (GB).

That shows that the hard drive formatting had some problems.

Some PCs have FAT32 erasers that usually have this kind of problem when a file is more extensive than 4GB.

For you to know how your drives can be formatted, you should understand the following steps and follow them keenly;

Click on the start button on the machine, then key in the word PC, right-click to select control on the disk controller.

This controller will enable you to see the displays of your disks with partition sizes and formats (XXGBNTFS OR FAT32).

What to Do When a Game Is Isn’t Installing

There are some ways you can consider when you’re game fails to install. You can follow these simple procedures whether be it on a PC or cell phone


When Reinstalling Origin Game

For you, to reinstall origin game, you have to exit the origin buyer, start the control panel, click on the uninstall icon to uninstall programs (Origin) and uninstall it, reinstall Origin once again then try to install your game

When Running Origin as an Administrator

More importantly here is to shut the Origin client, right-click the Origin client icon on your computer and press to run the entire process as an administrator

Lowering the User Access Control Settings

  • First, you have to lock the client from Origin
  • Then, Type “UAC” the navigate tool, and that is after pressing the PCs button.
  • Finally, unlock the Origin client and attempt to install once more the game you want to play.


Re-Installing Origin

Here one can find it easy reinstalling the origin platform again.

This step can work by going more rooted in the points to understand them.

  • First, you must close up the Origin client.
  • Undo the Finder application.
  • Select the Applications folder.
  • Right-click on the platform then select “Move to Trash.” icon
  • Afterwards empty the junk file
  • Reinstall Origin in which later on, you can try to install your game again.
  • When a game won’t load
  • In case your game fails to visit my game library in the origin platform, right-click at the game title and chose on repair the game

How to Change Origin Name (How To Play Ubisoft Games Using Origin)

Origin gaming platform does not only offer EA games but also Ubisoft games.

Through these ways, one can have both the games and use a shared server to link up with your close friends when playing.

Buy Ubisoft Games Through Origin

For you to purchase Ubisoft games online, you wish head all over to the platform’s store that can enable you to get the games you are looking for to buy.

In terms of playing, you have to connect it to Ubisoft account on every purchase you make.

Now you can find this process so easy by doing the following;

  • Log in to the Ubisoft account, where you’ll have all your games. Furthermore, if you mistake, there is another option of clicking “Use another account” for you to get a different one.
  • Later after your game is eligible, now you can go to your game library. Where you’ll have to log in with the Ubisoft account
  • From here, you can download the game and ready to play with your pals.

Note if a lack account with the Ubisoft platform, you can set up one during connection.

This connection can occur by clicking on the “lack account” button.

For you to download content on Origin specifically for Ubisoft games, you’ll be required to download content on Uplay.

You are only allowed to do the download after you have connected to Ubisoft account.

From this post, you can find origin game is more comfortable to download and install, and this could be the time for you to try this.

If you consider all the steps that we discuss in this post, then how to Change Origin Name cannot be a problem for you.

You will be able to go further and even use the platform. You will also learn how to play games and win on the platform.

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