How to Use GrooveFunnel?

When you are operating your business in a highly competitive market, your conversation rate is the most vital aspect. For this, there are many tools have introduced, and the GrooveFunnel is the strongest among them.

GrooveFunnel is a newly introduced tool that can help you grow your business online along with build more sales funnels.

This is also a useful tool for entrepreneurs as it allows them to increase their converting sales funnels.

How To Use GrooveFunnel

It offers various facilities to businesses. Let’s discuss the GrooveFunnel more briefly:

Businesses widely use GrooveFunnel as an all-in-one tool that allows its users to create websites for online selling, landing page, and building sales funnel.

People highly appreciate this new tool as it provides enormous exposure. You can also register for a membership where it offers a variety of features to its users.

Moreover, this marketing tool is designed to provide various features that can help a business develop its growth. There are multiple marketing tools present, which are offering by GrooveFunnel. 

Mike Filsaime is the co-founder of the marketing tool GrooveFunnel tool. This tool is recently launched in the market. The entire team of developers is still working on it to provide practical solutions to customers. Also, it has a help desk and customer support feature for offering quality assistance to clients.

If you wish to collect more knowledge about this innovative tool, then you can do various researches online. On YouTube also you will get many meaningful videos. 

How To Use GrooveFunnel
How To Use GrooveFunnel

Different tools of GrooveFunnels


If you want to sell your products online and grow your reach, this tool can be the best possible option.

GrooveSell allows you to sell your business products with the integration of payment processors.

Here you will also get reporting and analytics tools, which are two essential parts of sales.

You can store every report related to your sales rate, customer record, generated revenue, and more. 

How To Use GrooveFunnel

Along with that, it will allow you to do the analysis between your previous year’s revenue and current revenue.

This does not only help you to grow your sales revenue rate but also help you to do the comparison analysis between the competitor’s products. 

However, GrooveSell is commonly known as a shopping cart platform, and also it is the same as Shopify.

This affiliate marketing application tool will allow you to sell your services and products digitally.

You can get its free version too. With this specific platform’s help, you can start your online store and provide online courses & digital services. 

This application tool can offer you passion project experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, SaaS and software developers, course creators, and more.

Again, these facilities can help you to manage your affiliate programs. You can use its analytics tool to improve your daily reporting activity.   


GroovePages is a useful tool that allows its users to create a professional landing page and website.

Moreover, this is a flagship tool that you can find from the GrooveFunnel tool. Some exciting features of this tool:

How To Use GrooveFunnel
  • It helps you to create a high-converting website or funnel as per your targeted audience. 
  • You will get multiple navigations for building a helpful website.
  • It provides 1-click upsells options that can boost your sales revenue. 
  • It includes order bumps, down sells, and upsells.

When it comes to increasing your reach, then reach to your targeted customers is essential. This is where people require a tool like GroovePages.

It can help you to create a landing page which contains all your product description. Once you start using this tool, you will get familiar with how a funnel actually works within some time.

You may, as well, opt for signing up for an account that is free of cost. 

On the left side of its panel, you will find GroovePages, and if you click on that option, then you can start creating your website.

If you want to add a new website, then move to the right corner and click on New Site option.

Here you will find various templates and themes that you can add to your design. Many people like to use this tool because of its user-friendly character.

This is entirely a customized tool that offers numerous features to users. 


GrooveAffiliate is the best possible tool for online marketers and businesses. Suppose you want to promote your software product, then selecting this tool would be wiser.

GrooveAffiliate provides various features to promote online business. 

How To Use GrooveFunnel

These days many affiliates used to join this platform to promote an online promotional program effectively.

It helps to increase your conversation rate and revenue rate. In this process, you do not need to pay any extra fees.

All its exciting features are available freely, and you can use them any time. It is going to, as well; get to increase the rate of conversion. 


These days mail marketing is a relatively vital part of marketing. Whether you want to do online marketing or brand promotion without the right mail marketing, you cannot efficiently achieve your business goals. 

How To Use GrooveFunnel

This is a personal medium of communication where you can communicate with your potential clients via mail.

You can also keep your email lists of your clients. Whether you want to create an email sequence or add an autoresponder, you can do all these things using GrooveMail. It also allows you to perform broadcasting. This also manages all voice SMS and text.

Features of GrooveMail

  • It can import all lists to the campaign separately through a .csv file, which is relatively fast and easy.
  • Here you can get an HTML Email facility that will allow you to upgrade your emails. 
  • It allows for tracking click-through rates, open rates, customer engagement rates, and many more.

This tool has clickfunnels facilities for users. As the CEO of GrooveFunnel, Mike Filsaime seamlessly integrates GrooveFunnel into more than 15 email platforms so that you can select any email service platform. 


How To Use GrooveFunnel

These days businesses prefer to use videos to grow business as well as to generate more leads. If you promote your business using video, then you can efficiently leg up with the heavy market competition. 

Features of GrooveVideo

  • It allows you to automate your whole promotional process.
  • It provides a video optimization option. 
  • This tool can turn any video into a robust marketing tool.

You can also share and post these videos on social media to promote your business, products, and services.

Suppose you want to make any YouTube related video then, by using this tool, you can quickly do that.

Here you can also have your player, player control, skins, autoplay, and more. With help of this tool, you can also prepare a video for your business website. 

It allows you to add call-to-action, tags, prompts, and more. Along with that, this tool contains various advanced features such as analytics and A/B testing, which will allow you to know your customer engagement. With the help of this, you can also verify whether the customers like your videos.

Moreover, a compelling video helps to attract more visitors to your website.


How To Use GrooveFunnel

GrooveBlog provides remarkable features for publishing good content. Also, search-engine-friendly content publishing is relatively vital in terms of attracting potential customers. This will help you reach your right audience as per your business requirement. 

In your GroovePages, you can post your content that your customers will like to go through. This will also help to increase the ranking of your website.

The GrooveFunnels developers have also integrated WordPress with GrooveBlog, which is an effective way to post the contents. 


How To Use GrooveFunnel

Mike Filsaime has introduced the best webinar software for users. Here, you can create your webinars by adding various exciting features.

This will offer you a better option for hosting a webinar. Another remarkable factor about this webinar is that it allows optimizing the replays. With help of this software tool, you can host or create your webinars. 

If you want to track your webinar views, then this platform is the best possible option. Here you can easily track your viewers.

This will also help to add tags in GrooveMails so that it will automatically generate the follow-up emails. Moreover, this is entirely a personalized software tool for webinars. 


How To Use GrooveFunnel

When you are operating any business, then without adequate customer support, you cannot meet their expectations.

This is where GrooveDesk can provide you the best solution. This software provides customer support and other help. 

You can also set up your membership site for promoting digital products and services.

The GrooveDesk software is also suitable for managing all communications.

Suppose any user faces any issues while operating any GrooveFunnel, then with the help of GrooveDesk, they can get instant assistance. 


This software can help you create exciting quizzes that can increase your landing page’s engagement rate.

You can also share your information via GrooveMail. In this way, your audience also feels more excited to visit your website.

You can also add quizzes to your website so that your audience will appear to them, and it will automatically lead to more engagement. 


How To Use GrooveFunnel

If you want to get feedback from your customers, then using GrooveSurvey would be wiser. With help of this tool, you can build interactive content.

You can do a survey for your business, which is quite vital for a sustainable business.  

This software allows you to conduct a professional survey. You can also integrate this into your GrooveMail so that you can automate your communication. 

Is the GrooveFunnels tool right for your business?

When you involve in any digital marketing business, then this tool can provide you remarkable services.

It is suitable for multiple companies such as bloggers, small businesses, course creators, content marketers, online marketers, and more. 

  • It is beneficial if you are selling your business products & services online. 
  • If you want to create funnels, then this is quite helpful.
  • This is suitable for operating any membership sites. 

As this platform offers multiple marketing tools, so it’s suitable for all types of businesses.

Even if you are running a small business, then also this platform can help you expand your reach. 

Different pricing plans of GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels consists of some significant plans such as Base, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Let’s discuss different plans briefly:

Gold GrooveFunnels

It will offer you multiple exciting features such as GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveMember, GrooveQuiz, GrooveCalendar, GrooveAffiliate, etc.

Moreover, this plan contains all essential applications required to run a professional online business. It costs $199 per month. 

Base or Free GrooveFunnel

Mike Filsaime and the team allows their new users to log in with this tool free of cost.

Here you do not require submitting any type of credit card details. With the plan, you can enjoy multiple exciting features such as GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. 

Platinum GrooveFunnels

With the Platinum GrooveFunnel plan, you can get more effective facilities and features.

Some of its efficient features are GroovePages LITE, GrooveMail, GrooveBlog, GroveSell, GrooveDesk, GrooveQuiz, GrooveWebinars Live, Groovekart, GrooveWebinars Ecommerce, GrooveCalender, and more.

Moreover, this is a reliable plan for its users, which provides multiple features. 

Silver GrooveFunnels

This is relatively a starter plan for the users, which is incorporated with multiple sales funnel.

This plan starts with $99 per month. It will allow you to enjoy GrooveSell, GroovePages Pro, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveVideo, GrooveMember, and GrooveMail. 

Some exciting services of GrooveFunnel

Groove digital is offering multiple online marketing products. Let’s discuss some of its exciting products:


GrooveAds service can offer you product-based ads. However, it focuses on YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and other Google ads, so it is quite an effective platform to attract potential customers.

Its entire team handles all aspects of your ad creation. Suppose you are operating an e-commerce business or SaaS company, then GrooveAds would be ideal for your business. 


This service application offers quick payment facilities. With help of this, you can securely accept credit cards. Along with that, here you can get outstanding service quality.

This will help you get a reliable merchant account for your business. With this app’s help, you need to pay fewer fees. 

Significant Pros of GrooveFunnel

  • This is a highly user-friendly tool.
  • Its software technology design is robust.
  • It contains a drag & drop website builder. 
  • It also provides a customer support facility and helpdesk. 
  • This all-in-one software platform helps you with efficient marketing and sales tools. 

In this recent era, where various eCommerce sites are popping up everywhere, having their own website and using this for online selling is relatively standard.

GrooveFunnel platform will allow you to build a strong customer base, own website, sales funnels, e-commerce site, etc.

We can also say that GrooveFunnel provides the solution for various tasks. It has multiple incredible features, which are mentioned earlier in this content. 

Sometimes online marketers purchase expensive products & services to build their website for generating leads. But unless you have huge products & services to promote, then your tool will be of no use.

GroveFunnel is a useful tool for boosting sales and other affiliate marketing platforms. Also, this is an entirely free of cost software tool.

If you want to enjoy more improved marketing tools, then you can also opt for the paid version.

Moreover, this is a useful marketing tool where you can generate more customers without investing extra money. 

Review of GrooveFunnel

The GrooveFunnel review is relatively good in comparison to other marketing tools. People like to choose this tool because this is available with multiple devices. 

  • Here, you will get many compelling perks and features. 
  • It will allow you to utilize its features for absolutely free. 
  • There are many plans available with flexible price plans. 

After all, this is one of the potential tools to be an efficient sales funnel. In the near future also the number of users is more likely to increase.

Again, these days this is the most leading software tool for increasing sales revenue. It will also provide you more options to read about various things. 

Now, this tool is allowing for completely free access. Therefore, its users can enjoy its exciting options and achieve their business goals.

If you require any help to access this software, then you can also go through many tutorials that are available online. Moreover, this is the most useful tool in the recent era.

  • It also offers the lifetime pricing option.
  • The team of GrooveFunnel keeps on adding various features.

As this is recently released in the market, so it is the best time to opt for this; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to bit the market competition. 

Does GrooveFunnel is the right option for you?

If you are looking to start your new offline or online business, then GrooveFunnel will efficiently work for you.

This will help you with market niche, online & offline marketing, and many more. It provides multiple templates for various businesses.

Apart from all these tools mentioned above, there are other options also available. This is quite suitable for many marketers such as:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Internet marketers
  • Digital marketers
  • Social media marketers

Anyone who is looking to attract more customers and generate leads, then from this tool, you can easily collect various ideas.

Its sign-up process is relatively easy, and you can try this entirely free of cost.

When it comes to operating GrooveFunnels, then this information can help you efficiently. Moreover, this is going to add more features shortly.  

How using GrooveFunnel is useful for business?

When you are involved in a business, then to sustain in the market, you need to face various challenges.

As different players are entering into the market every time, so you need to stand apart from it.

This is where GrooveFunnel can work for you. With help of this, you can easily meet your client’s or customers’ expectations. 

It will help you build a funnel that leads to high conversion. Here, you can get free hosting facilities and various extensive plans.

You can also avail of various paid plans for adding more features to your website. This all-in-one software can help to build a customized website. 

Another excellent fact about GrooveFunnel is that it will allow you to create SEO-friendly websites. You can also use its GroovePages application.

Once you started using this GroovePages software, then it will automatically lead to a high ranking. This is one of the wise ways to attract your potential customers. 

You can also do your brand promotion by using its GrooveVideo application. While making any video, you can add various templates, tags, and other themes. With this application’s help, you can make your video colorful as well as interesting.

This is why many business owners prefer to use this application for operating their business. Whether you are running any medium, small, or large size business, this sales and marketing tool can help you stay ahead of the heavy market competition. 

Closing lines

In this time, GrooveFunnel seems to boom shortly. This is the market leader in the case of creating a high conversion rate.

Again, this is the fastest-growing funnel builder that can provide you website drag and drop facility. However, this tool is still in the Beta version, but other versions will likely come in the future. 

Here you can enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can also get a free hosting facility in this application tool.

The users are relatively happy and satisfied with using this application. After all, it is an ideal option for people who want to start an online product selling business. 

This is also ideal for beginners. Suppose any beginner wants to earn money through online marketing, then affiliate marketing would be the right option for this.

It is such an outstanding marketing tool that provides multiple marketing tools in the field of digital marketing.

If you want to have effective tools for your business, then GrooveFunnel would be the answer to your every question. 

It will not only help you with numerous features but also help you with powerful implementation.

For more improved features and facilities you can also opt for its paid plans.

You will also find various other exciting features in this application soon. For any type of doubts or questions, you can talk to its helpdesk. 

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