How to tame a Dolphin in Minecraft

Minecraft, a well-known name in the technologically advancing world has become one of the best platforms.

Here, in the game, players enjoy making, breaking, and doing a different bunch of stuff. And with the recent addition of the ocean world in it, the game has become more interesting as well as challenging.

And there are these new frequent questions on everyone’s mind; can they tame dolphins in the game? Well, before answering that question, one needs to understand the dolphins and their various characteristics in Minecraft.

To start with, dolphins are a very neutral element in Minecraft. One can usually find them amongst the ocean biomes. They consist of a lot of unique features, which can be very helpful.

The players can swim aside the dolphins and they can provide a boost in the swimming speed.  But care should be taken while swimming with them. Attacking a dolphin will cause the other dolphins to attack the player.

Moreover, the dolphin only gives a speed boost to the player when they are sprinting.

They are usually found in groups or usually called pods of three to five in all the biomes in the ocean except for the frozen parts or cold regions.

They generally spawn between seal level and level 45 until their requirement for spawning is met just like squids. These generally spawn in the biomes of non-frozen regions.

Although there is no limit to the number of dolphins spawned in the game, one cannot breed them in Minecraft.

They are mainly seen jumping above the water surface and are often seen jumping into different bodies of water.

Uses of Dolphins 

Dolphins can be used to find sunken treasures by feeding them with salmon or raw Cods found in the aqua life.

Though they are neutral mobs in the game, they do attempt to follow the gamer for giving them speed boosts.

Feeding the dolphin not only facilitates these things but also improves the relationship with the dolphin.

This is because they can lead one to shipwrecks or ocean ruins containing hidden treasures.

Moreover, this is an effective way of hunting down all the treasures nearby the player to find intact chests and crests.

After finding a chest, the gamer needs to break it and feed the dolphin for searching for more chests.

Despite being aquatic mobs, dolphins will die if they are not surfaced in regular intervals. They do come with a breath meter.

Also, the engineers have developed the sounds of actual dolphins for an effective immersive experience for the gamer.

But the size of the dolphins is pretty strange and in addition to that, if one takes them near any wall or ceiling then they tend to suffocate.

They also won’t survive without water. And they do avoid any guardian or elder guardians.

How do you tame a Dolphin in Minecraft

Now after knowing these facts and characteristics about dolphins, let me answer the question about taming a dolphin in Minecraft. Technically one cannot simply tame a dolphin in this game.

Dolphins can easily be fed with cod or pulled along with any lead but one player can not tame them like wolves or other similar mobs.

It is very difficult to keep dolphins since they tend to move back to their respective biomes or any water body thus leaving the player.

It is possible to lure them by dropping any items that are found near water bodies or else knocking them or chasing them in water by sprinting.

If they don’t find any possible path to the lured item, they stay underwater to the point where the object was drowned. And that’s the closest thing one player can do in order to stay close to a dolphin.

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