How to Take Care of Husky Puppy

Huskies are the most incredible animals, covered with double coated snow-like hair, you can always recognise them from distance.

Huskies are very popular among dog lovers, however, they always demand extra care and training as they grow older which is why huskies are not for everyone.

Husky is one of the smartest and adventurous breeds, they will always watch for you.

Husky is the best pet for outdoor activities but there are many other things that you should know about how to take care of husky puppy so that he can live a long and healthy life.

Although the husky puppy is a big responsibility with proper care and training, it becomes easy-peasy. So, let’s get started with:-

How To Take Care Of Husky Puppy
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How much to feed a husky puppy?

Husky puppies need a very high protein nutritious food due to their big and beautiful body. You need to see that your pup is not too fat and not too skinny either. At the starting age, you can feed 2-3 bowls per day and as they grow older their metabolism decrease so you can switch to two meals every day.

You can see a number of puppy foods claiming to be best at proteins and nutrition but you should always consult with your vet to get the right food for your husky puppy. contact dog braintraining for more information about puppies.

The diet of huskies should be changed according to their age to provide an accurate amount of nutrients and calories. You can also take the help or take care of a newborn puppy properly for detailed information about feeding. 

 Here is the feeding schedule of a husky puppy to help them grow properly and healthily:-

2 to 3 weeks old husky puppy

At this age, your puppy should only depend on the mother’s milk. He will open his eyes at this stage but you won’t see much energy and activeness. You need to take proper care of his weight and keep an eye on his growth.

Remember, he is not yet ready for any type of food other than milk. If you notice any problem with growth and health then you can go for a supplement of mother’s milk to fulfil the requirement of milk.

There is a milk formula for puppies so you can always consult with your veterinarian to get the right idea of quantity. 

4 to 5 weeks old husky puppy

Your pup should still rely on their mother’s milk, however, you can start to introduce him to food with a mixture of water or milk.

Make sure the food is not hard or solid and if you see that your pup is not showing any interest in the food then never force him to eat.

You can keep feeding him milk just increase the feeding time as his body grows he will be needing more nutrition and energy. And by this time, he will also start teething which automatically increase the fear of him biting but here you can take help on how to stop husky puppy from biting. 

6 to 7 weeks old husky puppy

By this time your puppy will not be dependent on mother’s milk at all, he will start showing more interest in food. Start giving him meals at least 3-4 times a day but never force him to eat. Keep visiting your vet for check-ups to make sure that your husky is growing properly.

You should also start making food mixture with less water or milk and more puppy food. Whichever puppy food you will buy, the appropriate amount of how you should feed your puppy will be given on the packet. 

After 8 weeks

Well, now you have a grown husky puppy in your, you should still offer him food 3-4 times a day depending on his diet. Your husky is also now ready to explore the surroundings and to go on walks with you.

So, you can also start his vaccinations by this time to avoid problems and he can be also relocated to his kennel. Have a look at train a puppy in kennel to provide proper crate training to your husky.

Make sure that your puppy is not gaining so much weight as huskies are the adventurous animals, so it is very important for them to be fit and healthy. 

How To Take Care Of Husky Puppy
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What do husky puppies eat?

Now that you know everything about your puppies eating schedule, you must be wondering “what you are gonna feed you pup?” Several foods are available out there that are specially created for huskies, you just need to pick one according to the age and size of your puppy. Remember best husky food will have all the necessary nutrients and minerals that help him in his growth and development.

Here we are going to discuss some best food for huskies to keep them healthy without compromising on taste:-

  • Wellness complete health natural grain free dry food

Best choice to give a balanced diet full of nutrients and proteins for the well being of your puppy. It contains deboned chicken, omega fatty acids for healthy skin, and calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth.

  • Canidae pure grain free limited ingredients wet food

It is considered to be the best solid food choice for huskies due to the high-quality proteins that it contains. Its main ingredients are lamb, chicken and turkey meat. Added vitamins with 18% fat per meal makes it more healthy. 

  • Blue buffalo wilderness high protein grain free natural puppy dry food:-

A perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep the immune system healthy. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavours and preservatives, real chicken is its first ingredient. Provide proper nutrition to your puppy with other natural ingredients.

  • Nutro ultra superfood:- 

Trusted by many, this dog food is also best for your pup with only natural ingredients. Contains copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, folic acid, manganous oxide and zinc proteinate to fulfil all the vitamins needs of your puppy.

  • Purina one smart blend natural puppy food:-

It is the best food with DHA(a nutrient found in mother’s milk) that help in brain and body development. It makes the immune and heart-healthy with real chicken and other essential vitamins, calcium and minerals. To make the best food choice for your pup, consult with your vet. 

How To Take Care Of Husky Puppy
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Are huskies hard to train?

This is a very common question among new dog owners whether it is husky or any other breed. If we talk about husky, there is no doubt that they are very notorious animals, so never take them lightly. The training won’t be hard but it isn’t easy either, so before getting started about huskies do have a look at How To Train A Puppy In A Kennel

Huskies are smart and fast learners, so with the right strategy, you can easily train your pup to follow your commands and to behave in a certain way. Apart from being intelligent, huskies are also very stubborn and independent animals which is why it is hard for them to obey their owners.

Your husky might have some developed habits already which cannot be quite easy. Developing new good habits and making him obey you can be the hardest part of training. Remember, it will be also very time consuming so you need to be very patient and kind with your pup. 

Many owners think that huskies can not be trained because there will be times when he might start ignoring your commands and do his thing. But the problem is that your pup is not trained to obey you in every environment. Huskies can be the best pet if guided properly. 

You need to train your puppy both inside and outside your house. Because if you train him only inside the house in a quiet place, he will only learn to obey you in a quiet environment. If you step outside and give him some command, he will ignore it due to distractions and noises. 

Provide him with an open environment, make him jump, run and play outside to bring out the energy and see what a great companion he will be. Never forget to reward him with praise and food because it encourages good behaviour and fast learning. This way your dog will always be ready and excited to obey you to get the treats and rewards. 

Also, Train your puppy brain for your command, If you want you can follow this dog brain traning cource to make the training easy and perfect for your pup. 

How To Take Care Of Husky Puppy
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What does a husky need?

Husky is a high breed social and most adorable dog which is why their needs are the cause of concern to all the husky owners. Keeping your puppy healthy and active is very difficult for new dog owners. Due to their adventure-loving nature, huskies are more prone to many health diseases if not taken care of properly. 

The needs of your husky can vary from other dogs, so here are some most important things that you need to be extra careful of:-

  1. Always full of energy:- You can not make a husky sit in one place for a long time, he is always ready for fun activities and sports. They also need regular exercise(minimum 2 hours a day) and long walks, so you also need to be very active. Make a big space for him to play and run freely and if your puppy doesn’t get the place to play, he might develop bad habits and become arrogant. Always offer a good nutritious meals to keep the energy level strong otherwise your pup will fall ill. 
  2. Health care:- No matter how energetic huskies are, they are always at a risk of developing certain diseases such as:- epilepsy, cancer, eye problem, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. Always make sure that the mother of your husky puppy is healthy and not affected by any of these conditions. Do regular health check-ups.
  3. Proper grooming:- Huskies have the ability of self cleaning but still you need some grooming to keep the fur and skin in good condition. Keep brushing the fur to keep it smooth. And don’t forget to cut their nails to avoid skin problems. For bathing, you can take help of a professional dog groomer as it is not gonna be easy for you to do it all alone.
  4. Make your puppy social with proper training:- Huskies are pack animals, never try to put your pup in a reserved area. Give him space to explore and to socialize with neighbour’s dog. Provide proper training and rewards to make him excited about every task. Huskies should be left alone for longer or they will get anxious and stressed. Be a good company for him so that he can be yours.
  5. Food:- This is the most important thing you need to take care of if you are planning to adopt a husky. The diet of husky mainly depends on the age and health condition, so it is best to take advice from vet before feeding him any dog food. A husky should be fed 3-4 times a day and make sure you feed him at the same time everyday to make a proper routine. Food should be full of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to provide energy and keep the immune system strong.

Are Husky puppies hard to take care of?

Every breed has some unique characteristics that make them hard or easy than others to take care of. When it comes to a husky, then yes you need to take a lot of care to keep him healthy and happy. With a number of positive behaviours like a hygienic, social, energetic, adventurous, smart, and quick learner, it will be easy for you to develop other good habits.

The best thing about huskies is that you can trust them with children due to the same energy level, huskies are always happy to play with children.

Huskies do not need a lot than just someone who can actively participate in runs and sports with them. With weekly grooming, healthy food, and regular health check-ups, you can easily take care of a husky puppy. And keep your pup in cool place and do not let him play in hot weather conditions or under sun. Before bringing a husky home, do proper management of air conditioner and kennel for him. 

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