How to SoundProof Room from Outside Noise

It can be somewhat incredible how tuned out we could become to the refrigerator and air-conditioner motor whenever there is sudden silence in the room.

At the same time, it could get annoying to listen to the buzzing noise from the tech-saturated world that is outside the room. 

Research indicates that on average, every Smartphone user checks their phone every five minutes, which means they look at their devices at least 150 times per day.

In modern society, social media has replaced solitude, and the cacophony of communication has replaced silence. 

The fact is that solitude and silence are under siege, but they feature incredible benefits and revelations. In this post we will cover how to soundproof room from outside noise.

Top Soundproof Products You Will Need

There are several products that can help you complete the task of making your house rooms silent. These products include the following:


  • Improved acoustic quality
  • Eco-friendly and perfect for indoor use
  • Easy to cut and remove
  • High density

About Product

This sound insulation is unique and hexagonal. It features a board that adopts the edge design, which helps it to avoid absorbing unnecessary echo. This feature also plays a key role in decorating the surface. 


  • Easy to fix since you can cut it with the knife
  • Features 100% polyester fiber that is durable and retardant
  • Multi-purpose noise insulation


  • Very costly


  • 288 pieces 3M adhesive tabs mounting
  • 48 pack acoustic panels
  • 6 X 48 pack adhesive tapes

About Product

This product describes a soundproof foam recovery that features the original size methods. You will have to open the vacuum package by putting the panels in the ventilations for about 48 hours. Alternatively, you can soak the foam in water for about one minute before you wire the foam out water using a hair dryer or dry it. 


  • Ideal for treating sound on walls
  • Creates a perfect listening environment
  • Best value noise reduction
  • Eco-friendly and higher density


  • Wears out in a short period


  • Seal it 360 degrees
  • Fits all 4 styles of doors
  • 39 feet weather strips tape

About Product

You must ensure that you keep it free from bugs and dust. It is perfect for sealing even the smallest sneak through the door cracks. It will give no space for intruders since it features tight insulation sea leaves. It is an ideal option for padding, garage, doorway, outdoor, and indoor. 


  • Saves on heat and air conditioning
  • Keeps out bugs and dust
  • Expel outside noise
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Works best for winter


  • Effective door draft stopper
  • Fits door up to 34 inches
  • One-side door draft blocker

About Design and Quality

This draft seal are ideal for the bathroom door, bedroom door, back door, and front door. The come with a strong adhesive backing loop and hook fastener. 


  • Abrasion resistant fabric that is washable
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy-to-remove door draft stopper


  • It will wear out in a short period


  • BPA’s foam tiles
  • Exceptional cushion and support
  • Puzzle piece edge design
  • Non-skid textured foam

About Product

This soundproof product is free of lead, non-toxic and it features Phthalates foam tiles. The can protect your floor and block sound from the outside. 


  • No hassle assembly
  • Interlocked design to stay firmly in space
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable, soft and safe


  • Does not fit perfectly

Nevertheless, here are the top ten advantages:

  • Bypassing Burnout

When it comes to how to reduce noise from outside, you must understand that society would assign productivity with self-worth.

Whether it is checking on what you want to do for your country or what your government wants to do for you – the big question is what both parties can do. It is like one-way tickets that can burnout. 

Solitude is the special moment that can give you a break from the productivity tyrant.

In other words, spending some time in silence could be good for your health.

It would be best for top companies to consider giving their staff some time to meditate in natural light.

Recent reports show that such breaks could help to improve the productivity rate of the company. 

  • Heightened Sensitivity

For many people, it is challenging to work on a ten days silence program.

Recent silence programs instructed participants to refrain from eye contact, writing, or reading.

Complex silence programs went beyond such guidelines and advocated for participants to refrain from sensitivity and focus on emotions, intentions, thoughts, sensations, sounds, and sights. 

  • Solve Troubles

Experts say that our anxiety and frustrations have its roots in our tendency to feel disconnected, and to live in the future, which, most times, is an illusion.

Silence will give you the ability to focus on the present and experience concrete happiness.

They further explain the differences that lie in our ingenious and primary consciousness.

This factor makes how to reduce noise between rooms crucial. 

According to the experts, our ingenious and primary experiences make predictions that base on our past, which might appear so real in our minds that could get caught up in hypothetical abstraction.

This condition might make us plan abstract happiness that is often a real disappointment.

Solitude and silence can pull us out and immerse us back to our present. 

  • Improves Memory

A combination of solitude, silence, and a walk-in nature can promote natural brain growth in the hippocampus part, which leads to better memory.

Evolution theory explains that spending some time in nature would spark our spatial memory like it did for the ancestors whenever they went out to hunt.

Spending some time in a room with total silence helps in memory consolidation and gives the brain uninterrupted focus.

This statement suggests that you must learn how to soundproof room from outside noise. 

  • Strengthens Action and Intention

Psychologists say that during silence, the brain is in a better position to cultivate and prepares a mindful – intention that can later motivate us to take action.

Spending some time in a silent room will put you in a state of mental reflection and, at the same time, disengage your intellectual mind.

This state will allow positive emotions and imagination to boost our subconscious intention and help us achieve our objectives. 

  • Promotes Self-Awareness

The visceral reaction of over-disciplining our kids or cussing at a loved one often comes with regret.

Most times, it will happen during that moment when quick responses overwhelm your mind and distract you from initiating reasonable thoughts. 

Spending some time in a silent room will enable you to promote self-awareness and self-control whenever you would like to take action.

The time we spend away from external distractions and concentrate more on our inner voices boosts self-awareness.

It would be best to practice your ability to become an observer of your thoughts. 

  • Develop and Grow your Brain

The brain is just like many other powerful and complex body organs that can benefit from resting.

Research indicates that the time you spend in silence, disengage from the environment, and take mental rest could boost the folding of the brain cortex and also promotes our ability to check out on information. 

  • “A-Ha” Moments

The process of creativity includes an essential procedure that physicians refer to as incubation.

It is through the process of incubation process where all the ideas present in the brain meet, mingle and marinate to process and produce the “A-Ha” or eureka moment.

It would be best to take a rest or disengage from the work at hand if you want to fasten the process of incubation.

This process is also crucial for mental blocks. Therefore, you must learn how to soundproof a room from noisy neighbors

  • Mastering Discomfort

Most times, that moment you sit down to take a rest, you will realize even the smallest scratch on your body.

Meditation teachers would advise people to take a deep breath and refrain from work at hand to master discomfort.

Spending some time in a silent room will help to offload your brain and build greater self-discipline. 

  • Emotional Cleansing

The flight mechanisms that we apply to our bodies can cause us to flee through emotional and physical difficulties.

However, burying or ignoring negative emotions might manifest in insomnia, anger, anxiety, and stress.

One of the best strategies to deal with emotional difficulties is to stay in a silent room and think about what triggered the negative feeling. 

Staying in a silent room will allow you to view everything from a different perspective and make a wise decision.

It can be a visualization process that psychotherapists use to detach people from emotional turbulence. 

How to SoundProof Room from Outside Noise

Noise coming from the neighbors and nearby surroundings can be somewhat distracting at night when you want to rest.

There is no way that you will build your house in a place where there are no neighbors and noise from the outside. 

If you would like to know how to soundproof a room from outside noise, this article will give you the steps that you must follow.

With these steps, you will be able to make your room to be noise-free in a short period. 

  1. Check the Windows

One of the most crucial parts of the house to check on when it comes to blocking noise that comes from outside is the windows.

There are two main reasons why you must check on this. The glass on the windows might not be able to block the sound from outside, or there could be several holes and gaps near the frames. 

Making the windows on your house soundproof could be the first step to the overall soundproofing of the room.

There are several methods that you can take on to solve this issue.

All in all, the approach that you choose to help soundproof your room will depend on how much effect that you would like to achieve and how much money you are willing to spend on the project. 

If you are in a position to spend a lot of money, then you might consider the option to change the whole window panes.

The windows are single pane, and for that reason, there is so much sound coming from the outside.

If you replace your window panes with the double-paned or thicker triple one, you will achieve a crucial improvement in the amount of noise that comes from the outside. 

However, although replacing the window is highly effective, it might also be very costly.

There will need to hire a professional to fit the new window panes well.

If you are working on a very tight budget replacing the whole window panes might not be a great idea to consider.

All the same, there are two steps that you might take to solve the problem. 

If you do not want to concentrate on the lighting system of the room, it can be a great idea to consider purchasing the window plugs.

They are somewhat cost-effective, and if they feature a great design, they can perform a great job. 

Another great option would be to purchase soundproof curtains.

Most times, such curtains come with heavy and thick material, which makes them productive when it comes to blocking sound that might come from the outside.

However, since they are thicker and opaque, they will hinder light from getting into the room.

Therefore, they can be a good option for keeping a room silent during night hours.

Above all, you must understand that even the smallest holes, cracks, and gaps, your windows will not block noise from the outside. 

  1. Modifying the Walls

The same factors apply in this case. The walls develop gaps, holes, and crack over time.

It would also be a good idea to seal the cracks and wall gaps using the caulk sealant like for the case for windows.

Well, there are both expensive and cheap ways of making your walls soundproof.

If you would like to get the best results, your best option would be to restructure the walls and add sound blockers.

Nevertheless, this approach is both expensive and time-consuming. 

You must also understand that thinner walls can transmit more noise into the inside if you compare them to the thicker ones.

Therefore, you must consider enlarging the thickness of your walls if you want to make your rooms silent.

One of the most effective approaches is to add a layer of drywall on the walls. 

Drywall describes the panel of sound-absorbing materials that experts apply on ceilings and walls.

You can get the best results if you add a double layer of drywall to your rooms.

All in all, installing drywall is a bit expensive. For that reason, some people might consider other cheaper methods. 

You must also learn how to soundproof a room cheaply. One of the most affordable methods would be to get some wall decorations and heavy quilts and hang them at the part of the walls that have holes.

Although this option is not as effective as that of using the drywall, it will give you adorable results at a considerable cost. 

Moving your furniture around the room might also help to boost the level of silence in your room.

Well, the most vital factor is to make sure that you create a thick barrier between the source of the noise and the inside.

Therefore, you can also place the old bookshelf against the wall. 

  1. Working on the Door

Most doors that are present in modern houses are hollow on the inside.

For that reason, they do not perform a good job when it comes to keeping your room silent.

If there is a considerable and distracting amount of sound that penetrates your room, it could be because of the door.

The apt method to solve this issue would be to ensure that you install a new one. 

The solid doors can be a great option and can provide a better soundproofing level if you compare them to the regular hollow doors.

All the same, they are very costly to purchase, and you might end up spending so much money on installing the doors. 

In this case, the most affordable method would be to make the existing door to be soundproof.

There are several methods that you can take on this case.

The apt approach would soundproof the door using blankets that are effective at blocking sound from the outside.

Ensure that you keep them at the back of the door and make sure that they are visually appealing. 

Another cheaper method that you can initiate to help block sound from the outside would be to use a door sweep.

Anytime you close the door, you must leave a small gap between it and the frames, thus, create a pathway for noise to penetrate from the outside. 

You can attach the door sweep to the bottom of the door to help close up the gap that remains when you close the door.

Another cheaper method would be to apply the weather-stripping at the bottom part of the door. 

Above all, you can also use the caulk sealant to seal the holes, gaps, and cracks. 

  1. Make the Air Vents Sound Proof

The air vent can be another pathway for air and sound from the outside to travel into the house.

If you think they are unnecessary and the atmosphere in the room would be okay even when you block them, you can consider making them soundproof. You can fill up the vents using the drywall.

Using the honeycomb and sound maze can be another effective method to soundproof the vents without blocking them completely.

Making attempts to ensure that the air vents are soundproof will be a primary step to making the entire room silent. 

  1. Work on the Outside

Another crucial step that you must take to ensure that you keep your room silent is to work on the outside of the house.

Remember, the most vital factor is to ensure that you block any pathways for sound coming from the outside.

For a start, you can consider planting long trees around the room that you intend to make soundproof.

The trees will block the sound from the neighbored from penetrating the walls directly. Another step would be to build a structure such as a fence around the walls. 

  1. Insulate the Floors and Ceiling

Finally, when learning how to soundproof a room from outside noise it is vital that you also check on soundproofing a house from traffic noise.

If your budget allows you to take all the available steps, then you must consider insulating the floors and ceiling.

This method is most common in apartments. If you live in an apartment, the people downstairs or upstairs are family.

Therefore, you must consider making these parts soundproof. This step entirely depends on the budget you are working with, and the results you get will rely on the methods you put in place. The drywall can be a perfect idea. 

Conclusion of how to soundproof a room from outside noise

The bottom line is that learning how to soundproof a room from outside noise is essential for you to maintain a healthy life that is free from anxiety and stress.

If you can keep your rooms quiet, it will allow you to think well about issues that matter to you.

This post has discussed primary factors that you must always check on when working on this project for your home.

All the same, it would be best to ensure that you conduct extensive research to make sure that you install the best possible solutions to your problems.

All in all, the information available in this post is productive and could give you the best results in a few days.

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