How to move Villagers in Minecraft?

Online gaming has been the latest addition to the gaming section of the internet. There are probably countless video games available in the market that has millions of users.

Online gaming provides a platform for different types of people to come together and play a game

Also allows the gamers to find new challenges each day thus improving their skills in the end.

An open-world experience is what makes online games so much popular. Its popularity is so much that not only youngsters but also adults are playing online games.

Minecraft is such a famous game amongst the users. Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios which was later upgraded with the help of Xbox studios. Since its initial release, it has been downloaded millions of times through the past decade.

Also, there have been many changes that are included in the game. The additions of different worlds along with different accessories to work with are some of the notable upgrades. Moreover, one of the most important parts of those updates is the addition of villagers.

Initially, villagers were added to the game from Version 1 just before the release. When the update was initially released, the villagers were sort of an insignificant part of the game.

They were just present without serving any actual cause in the game.

They were primarily used by players for shelter when they wanted to start a new world. But with time, the use of these villagers has been diversely increasing with each update.

Players are learning new possibilities that can be attained with the villagers.

Sometimes the player wants to change their location because of different needs such as making them work in the iron farms, or just to have some neighbors in their single-player game. Below mentioned are some of how a player can move the villagers from one point to the other:

1. Jobs

This is one of the simplest methods to move a villager but the player should understand that this is much slower than walking.

The player can use the villagers to move up blocks if they are using boats. So, if you want to move any villager in any direction, then you just have to place a job site nearby.

This method is only suitable for short distances. So, when a worksite is created and after the villagers notice it, they will automatically move to that area. Repeating this whole process when needed can result in a mass movement.


  • This is one of the easiest methods to move any villager from one point to the other.


  • This process is very time taking and when moving an entire community can take too much time.

2. Boats

Probably the most effective way to move villagers in Minecraft is moving them by boat. And the coolest part about this is that the player can even move the boat even on land without losing much speed.

And if there is a river that goes to any destination or nearby places, then it becomes very fast to make the villagers travel.

To make it work, you just need to place a boat near a villager. When placed correctly, they’ll automatically board the boat.


  • It is very efficient to move them by boat to the same level.
  • Very easy since the only thing required is a boat and a passenger.
  • The process is very fast as compared to others.


  • Only equal or lower worlds can be traveled.

3. Rails

The third way to move villagers from one point to the other is with the help of rail. The process is handy when moving multiple villagers. The player has to spend a little more on the resources to move the villagers.

However, sometimes the laying of railway tracks isn’t that easy. The best way is to trap a villager in a limited space and then make the railway. Then the villagers can be moved easily.


  • This is the fastest way to move villagers across very large distances.
  • You can move multiple villagers into different worlds.


  • The resources spent on this can be very costly.
  • It is very difficult to set up a railway.

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