how to make money off social media

Social media is becoming popular day by day. These days, Many social influencers, marketers earn a massive amount of money.

 Today, I will discuss How To Make Money Off Social Media. If you have an account on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and want to make money online. Read the below guide.

We are living in the digital world in this digital world everyone has their digital identity. Digital identity means you have some existence in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more… We are using social media for connecting with our friends and family.

If you have a business and you are not using social media you are losing more than 90% of your customer.

These days everything is online and if you don’t have an online existence, customers not able to find you.

social media is not only for fun or connecting with our friends and family. many people are using social media to make money and now the question comes to mind how to make money on social media?

if you have an account on social media but you don’t have followers, which means no one knows you.

You won’t get any sponsors and you not able to make money on social media by sponsorship, That why many people are searching for how to gain Instagram followers, likes, etc..

Everyone wants to become social media influencers and make money. if you are not a social media influencer that’s ok there are many easy ways to make money on social media.

Easy ways to make money on social media – If you have good follower

#1. Make money by Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post means a post/article created by the website owner for another person. You can also make money online by using this method. It’s not only limited to websites. If you have a Facebook page, youtube channel, and Instagram page, you can also do this.

You can create a blog and contact different web admins or companies for sponsored posting opportunities on your site. You can create a separate advertising page to get the clients quickly. You can share your sponsored post offers with different companies.

One of the best ways is you can write sponsored content for others. You can reach out to small business owners and startups who are waiting to increase their presence. When promoting any brand or product, make sure you write a detailed explanation of the benefits.

If you want to know how much money you asked for a sponsored post, then you can check this article.

Below are the tips you can follow when writing a sponsored post.

  • Try to write some engaging content for your audience.
  • Being transparent to the readers.
  • Mentioned detailed explanation.
  • Add a high-quality image.
  • Don’t post many sponsored posts on the same day.

#2. Sell your service

It is another option you can choose to earn money online. Sell your service is a unique way to earn money online with less time. You don’t need a high degree of expertise on that particular topic. You can earn money from the first day if you know the proper method.

You can earn money by providing the following services.

  • Content writing
  • Providing Digital service
  • Facebook Ad agency
  • Selling photos and many more.

I only mentioned some topics that you can start online. Some are easy to start, and you can grow your business by selling the services.

If you are doing any business offline, you can start the business digitally. It has become more popular because you can connect with different people. So that, It’s an excellent opportunity to make money online.

If you have expertise in any particular topic or subject, you can create a course and sell those to different people worldwide. You can use different platforms like treachery, Teachable, Udemy to sell your course.

In my opinion, Choose some niche that you think you have an interest in. Then learn from different videos, blogs. If you think you gain some experience, you can start selling your services.

#3. Sell affiliate product

It is also a perfect strategy to Make money off Social Media. Sell the right products to the right audience. It is the main tip you have to follow to earn money by using this method.

Choose affiliate products as per your interest. If you have a blog or website, it is effortless to earn money online by selling affiliated products. 

You can join different platforms like Amazon associates, Clickbank, Share A Sale, JvZoo, etc. Before choosing any related products, make sure you get enough commission for the products. 

You can get 50% to 90% affiliate commission, but it depends upon the platform you choose. You can use social media like Facebook and Instagram to promote your products.

You can start from zero. You can join the different Facebook groups and other forums related to your niche.

Below are the tips must check

  • Don’t go for any products just for commission.
  • Make sure affiliated products are benefited, other people.
  • Choose a reputed and trusted platform.
  • Choose a low competition niche to make money fast.
  • If you have a website, read reviews and other articles to gain enough knowledge about the product. After that, start creating content on that product.

#4. Share your knowledge on YouTube and earn

If you are good at something like you have great knowledge about the stock market or bitcoin but there is very less content on youtube.

Create your YouTube channel and help other people and share yours on YouTube.

Go with the How-to niche, publish videos like “how to invest in bitcoin” or “How long we have to hold bitcoin or stock” and monetize your video and start earning.

Earning is depending on views, how many views you are getting from which country.

Important: If you struggling with views, be patient and publish videos on daily basis or 2 videos in 1 week on the same day.

If you want to learn how to rank your videos on the #1 page on google and YouTube check this video

Another easy ways to make money on social media – if you don’t have followers

There is another best way to make money on social media, lots of companies out there who is ready to pay for some small work.

Like using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc.. I am not talking about that thing like watching ads and wait 10sec like that.

Easy Ways To Make Money On Social Media

I am talking about real work, Before joining you have to answer a few questions, like which social media you use most. then they decide which type of work they have to give you.


Today I discussed all essential points about the query How To Make Money Off Social Media. If you have any doubts, leave a comment below. I will reply soon. Share the post with different people who needs this.

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