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Minecraft is one of the biggest sandbox open-world games of our generation. This game gives people the freedom to do whatever they feel like.

The game was and still is the best-selling video game of all time. The sandbox nature of the game is more refined by the freedom of creation.

The game developers have worked on every single detail of the game so minutely that one can create almost anything that they can think of.

Moreover, the game encourages the players to use their imagination and create a paradise of their own.

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The game offers two modes:

1. Survival mode

The most basic model is survival. In this mode, the players are dropped into a world.

In that world, they can roam around, gather materials, and make houses in the morning. While at night, they can either hide in their houses or fight off zombies.

As this mode’s name suggests, you have survived these nights from the monstrosities that are around.

This mode will test your survival skills and how you utilize the day time to create your defenses and attack power. The mode is fast and needs quick thinking and much more.

2. Creative or classic mode

In this mode, the player is dropped in the same world. But in this mode, the monstrosities do not roam around at night.

Moreover, they are mostly present in their caves and dark underground places. Also, this mode is the ultimate sandbox for the player.

Developers create this mode due to the high popularity of the game.

In the first version of Minecraft, this mode was not present. But due to the huge reception that the game got after its release, the gaming community is somehow forced the developers to create a model where they can create anything they feel like and use their imagination.

In classic mode, there is no stress of working fast or dying early. All you have to do is create what your heart desires.

Players often make innovative things, and youtube is filled with videos of people making something cool and noteworthy in Minecraft.

Here in this article, we will talk about one such thing that players can make from the materials in Minecraft – flower pot.

The flower pot is a very basic item that one can easily make from Minecraft’s base materials.

Also, this item is so basic that not many players use or even think of making this item.

This is why the procedure to make such an item is almost forgotten. 

Moreover, the rest of the article will deal with this detail about creating a flower pot and the rest of its details.

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What is a flower pot used for in Minecraft?

The flower pot can be utilized to hold mushrooms, fungi, and different plants.

Plants that can be put in a pot incorporate any one block high blossoms, saplings, greeneries, dead shrubberies, desert flora, bamboo, and roots. Plants can be taken out by utilizing the interact button.

These flower pots can be set against any surface in Java Edition.

In Bedrock Edition, they should be set on top of a full-block top surface or the highest point of a fence, stone divider, or container.

They can’t be put on sections and steps except if those squares are upside down. 

The flower pots are 3⁄8 of a block high and can be stepped on. To walk on a flower pot or even step on it, one has to make the character jump. Without jumping, this feat cant is possible.

It is conceivable to hop from a vase onto a fence. The plant or mushroom can be eliminated from the flower pot with the pressing of the user control.

This places the thing straightforwardly back into the player’s stock. At the same time, this conduct might not work for all sorts of blocks, for example, sweet berry shrub. 

They can be utilized to show prickly plants and shrivel roses without acquiring their harmful properties.

Flower Pot Properties

  • The flower pot is a renewable item that one can create from base materials.
  • This flower pot can be stacked in the player’s inventory about 64 times.
  • Any or no tools can be used to take the materials for making flower pots.
  • The flower pot is not blasted resistant.
  • This pot has low to no hardness at all.
  • The flower pot is also not luminant.
  • It can be transparent.
  • The flower pot is not flammable. 
  • This flower pot also does not catch fire when placed on lava.

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The procedure for making a flower pot is very simple. Here are the steps that one needs to follow in Minecraft to make a flower pot.

The first thing that you need is to make a crafting table. 

How To Make Flower Pot Minecraft

1. Collect planks of wood from any tree that is available to you. Any type of wood will be acceptable for creating a crafting table.

2. Take these planks and put each one of them in each of the boxes in the 2×2 crafting grid available to you already.

3. You can see that your crafting table is made.

  • Take this crafting table and place it anywhere on the ground.
  • To access the 3×3 crafting grid, you need to open the crafting table.
  • To do so, click on the interact button that varies on different platforms.
  1. For PC: Right-click
  2. For Xbox: LT
  3. For Nintendo: ZL
  4. For Playstation: L2
  5. For Mobile: Single tap

What one needs to do is make a furnace?

1. Take eight cobblestones or Blackstone and place them in your inventory.

2. Take the crafting table and open it.

3. Put these eight cobblestones or black stones in the outer boxes of the 3×3 crafting grid.

4. Just leave the center box in the grid empty.

5. The furnace has been made.

  • Take the furnace and place it anywhere on the ground.
  • Open the furnace by pressing the interact key on your console.
  • Before opening it, place a fuel source in your inventory like coal or wood along with the clay.
  • Place the fuel source in the bottom box on the left side of the furnace screen.
  • Place the clay on the top box on the left side of the furnace screen.
  • Wait as long as the progress bar fills.
  • The bricks are made.
  • Take the bricks and place them in your inventory.
  • Do this three times to make three bricks.
  • Go to the crafting table and open it.
  • Take two bricks and place them on the first and last box on the 3×3 crafting grid’s top row. Take the third brick and place it in the center or the 2nd box of the 2nd row. The flower pot is made.


How do you make a brick in Minecraft?

Bricks are very easy to make in my craft. For making bricks, all you need are clay and a furnace. Open the furnace grid, and there add a fuel source and the clay to make the bricks.

How do you plant flowers in Minecraft?

The process is simple. Take the plant that you want to put in your pot. Take that plant fragment and put it on top of the flowering pot to plant it there. You can do this will almost all plants in the game.

How do you make homemade pots?

The process of making homemade pots is the same as flower pots. Homemade pots and flower pots are the same in Minecraft. Moreover, homemade pots are made by the character’s character.

However, the flower pot can also be stolen from other inhabitants in the game.

Conclusion of How To Make Flower Pot Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the all-time top tier games that our generation has given. Billions of people play this game all around the world.

The game is well-known for providing its people the freedom to do all they want.

Also, a person can make anything that they want or even think about in this game. One such thing that a person can make is the flower pot.

The flower pot is an interesting item that is so simple to make that people stopped making one and eventually forgot how to make one.

Also, the process of making a flower pot is extremely simple and quick.

To make a flower pot, all you have to get is a crafting table, furnace, clay, and lastly, a fuel source.

With the combination of all these items, one can easily make a flower pot.

Moreover, these flower pots are not flammable, so one can even keep them in a lava spot and make that even look beautiful. 

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