how to make a lead in minecraft

Today I’m going to show you how you can make a lead.

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So firstly why we will need a lead we need a lead to move animals. for example from one fan to another or if you are far from your home and you have to catch an animal and a voice always running away you can make a lead and hold them move with yourself.

So firstly what we will need to make a lead, we need four strings and one slime ball.

slime ball you can find slime balls by killing slimes and you can find a string by destroying spider webs.

so now we will have to get to our crafting table here we go.

so place your slime ball right in the middle of your crafting table and place the strings the same way I’m showing here we go. 

now we have not one but two leaders, so let me show you how

it’s working since I’m in creative mode I can easily just fly way right here

there is a cow just pressing the right button your mouse and guess you’re

playing in the PC that’s it the cow will follow you wherever you will go.

it’s not necessary to hold meat in your hand so where’s the second cow look I’m not even just looking around looking back it’s like I know it’s behind me and where’s the second girl right here back.

check this out now I have two cows that are following me you can easily go to move them around so this is how you make a string pretty easy right and just in case if you don’t have a sword you just need to click leather trios a way to kill Emma right

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