how to make a lead in Minecraft

Today I’m going to show you how you can make a lead there are lots of things people want to know about Minecraft game like How to Change the Biome in Minecraft or how to get flint Minecraft and many more query related to Minecraft, Don’t worry we will try to cover your each and every query.

So firstly why we will need a lead we need a lead to move animals.

for example from one fan to another or if you are far from your home and you have to catch an animal and a voice always running away you can make a lead and hold them move with yourself.

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft survival

  1. So firstly what we will need to make a lead, we need four strings and one slime ball.
  2. slime ball you can find by killing slimes and you can find a string by destroying spider webs.
  3. so now we will have to get to our crafting table here we go.
how to make a lead in minecraft
  1. so place your slime ball right in the middle of your crafting table.
  1. place the strings around the smile ball. 
  1. now we have not one but two leaders

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