How to Grow Bamboo in Minecraft?

The origin of online games has been from the early ages when video games were first invented.

Earlier games had real-world meanings where you can be a player and have to gain some skill set to play a certain part of a game. But with the invention of computers, the internet, and smart devices, the scenario has changed a lot over the years.

Now you don’t need to bother about a lot of these processes where you have to work hard to get into a certain game.

You can simply sit on a couch and play any game you want. Even there are games in which you can lead a role, be a player, or even create whole new worlds.

Minecraft is such a game with millions of users around the globe.

As a player in Minecraft, you have the capability of starting a new world where you are allowed to create anything everything you want. With the tools that are available within the game, you can create lands, houses, buildings, and many more things. And one of such things which you can find easily in this game is bamboos.

There are several ways in which you can grow them in the game or even find them.

After its initial update for the bamboos, growing it in the game has been a cool thing to do amongst users and people are crazy about it.

This article covers all the necessary information about bamboos and How To Grow Bamboo In Minecraft

Origin in Minecraft

All of us know that Minecraft bamboo is a big part of the jungle ecosystem. And like in the real world, they are a big part of the jungles in Minecraft too.

Some of the most common uses of the item in the game include scaffolding, cooking, making sticks, or even raising pandas.

Bamboo in the game has a lot of uses and it’s very popular among the players because it is very easy to grow and the process is really fast.

Where to find them in Minecraft?

  • Natural origin in the game

The most common occurrences of bamboos in the game are in the jungle biomes where they are easily found. Or else you have to look hard.

They are generally found in scattered single shoots along with sources of rivers going through largely covered jungles. But the tricky thing here would be to collect them as soon as possible.

Of course, you can mine them but you have to do it in a specific time frame.

The easiest way to do that is to cut them by sword or an ax. And from these two, cutting them with swords is much faster.

how to grow bamboo minecraft bedrock
  • Pandas

In the java edition of the game, you can get a bamboo plant whenever a panda is killed. But when you are a player in the bedrock edition, a panda drops somewhere around 0 to 2 bamboos when killed. And depending on the level of your profile, you will get different numbers of the bamboo plant when you loot them.

  • Fishing

Often when you are fishing, you will be able to get bamboos since the fishing points are mostly close to the water sources. These points are mostly in the jungle biomes where you have to find them as junk items. Anyway, it is one of the easy ways to find them since they are rare in most areas.

  • Loot

Bamboos in Minecraft can also be found in shipwrecks as a part of the loot. Also, you can find them in temples of jungles where they are grown in the supply chests. But finding these ruins won’t be an easy task.

How to Grow Bamboo in Minecraft?

Below described is a stepwise process that explains how to Grow Bamboo in Minecraft in detail:

  • Finding the bamboo in the jungles or surrounding Minecraft is the first step in the process. You may note the fact that they are very rare to find and you may have to look hard while searching for them. But you can always try looking for them near any water source where you have more chances of finding them. It is a general rule you should remember that bamboos are located near the water in the game.
  • The next step involves collecting them in large quantities or at least as much as you need. For collecting them you need to hit the bamboo and they will be added to your items.
  • Now after you have collected them in the game, you have to go to your designated location where you want to grow them and then you have to replant them at little distances. As we mentioned earlier, bamboo needs a lot of water to grow. For that either you can grow them near any water source or you can create one on your own. We recommended you grow them somewhere near a natural stream or any such source of water.
  • So, after few days there will be a large area covered with bamboo plants and you can collect them again to repeat the process if you need more bamboo plants. The fact that they grow fast can make this process of growing them very easy as well as quick. You then cultivate your growing and use it for different purposes as you wish.


The following are some of the most common uses of bamboo in the game:

  • Farming

You can create bamboo farms for using them later with different needs. You will have to be a level 9 or above player to grow the top-level player.

Normally they can be grown in most of the types of the substrate such as coarse dirt, sand, red sand, gravel, etc. they grow at the speed of 3 and they grow 1-2 blocks when you use bonemeal.

These can grow up to 12-16 blocks when taken care of properly.

  • Appearance

Since the appearance of the bamboos in the game changes when they grow to different blocks, you can use them as items for decorating your world.

At first, they are like shoots and as they grow, their appearances change with time. You can also use the bamboos for decorative purposes where they can enhance the appearance.

The most common use of them is as flower pots. But the catch here is they are the only plant in the game that can’t be processed by any composter.

  • Fuel

It is one of the most important uses of these plants in the game since fuel is very necessary for doing most of the tasks.

They can be used as fuels in furnaces where they can contribute to 0.25 items smelted and you can also craft bamboo as a scaffolding where the smelting rate is a little different.

  • Pandas

We all know that bamboos are a portion of natural food for pandas. And like in the real world, the pandas in the game also love eating bamboos.

So, once you have grown enough bamboos, you can use them to feed the pandas and raise them with better speed.

These can also be used to breed pandas with an average of 8 blocks of bamboos within pandas of 5 blocks.

So, you can feed them the bamboo when they breed, and then you can eventually make it as food for their baby.


How to grow bamboo in Minecraft

The process of growing bamboo in the game is very easy and quick.
You first have to find natural bamboo that is found in the wild parts of Minecraft.
Then you can hit and take some of that bamboo and then replant it anywhere you want to be provided you have good availability of water nearby. And then repeat the whole process to grow more of them.

What are the uses of bamboo in the game?

Bamboo is used for a lot of purposes such as making fuel for cooking, making sticks or even you can use them as tools in farming.
Along with all these, you can raise pandas by making them as baby food for them.

How to create bamboo farms in Minecraft?

There are two different types of farms in Minecraft which are Redstone farms and regular farms for growing bamboo.
You can easily create both types of bamboo farms. You just need to find the specific type of bamboo and grow them over large cycles to create a big farm.

Is bamboo rare in Minecraft?

Yes, these items are really rare in Minecraft. You have to look hard to find bamboo plants.
However, the tip here would be to look for them near water sources so that you will have maximum chances of getting them. And once you collect them, you can grow as many of them as you wish.

Does bamboo constantly need water in the game?

Yes, like the real world, bamboo in Minecraft does need a lot of water since they grow just like sugarcane. They require water in regular intervals which is why it is advised to grow them near water sources.


The article was all about what are the different ways of growing or finding bamboo in the Minecraft game.

You can choose any of the methods to find the plant or grow them at any place you feel good for your use.

Also, there are various uses for growing the plant and making different items from bamboo.

So, you can try any of those to make the gameplay more interesting and find a lovely time with different processes related to bamboo.

Like it was discussed, bamboo grows very fast in the game so you don’t have to wait too long to grow them.

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