A simple way to Donate Robux to your friends

This post provides a comprehensive guide on how to donate Robux to your friends or other players in a group.

In other words, we will cover a simple guideline on how to donate Robux on Roblox to other people, players, members, and friends. 

Generally speaking, the Robux gaming platform brags of a higher number of users worldwide.

With this platform, players can create and also upload video game titles that wish. Henceforth, they can monetize these video games without encountering any considerable restrictions. 

The platform enables its users to trade, donate, and even share their points with other users. Users are also free to customize their virtual characters and make bright clothing for their accessories.

Completing such tasks demand that they acquire Robux points into their accounts. The good thing about this platform is that it provides users with a platform to pursue real money. 

Millions of Roblox users worldwide seek legitimate and effective methods through which they can earn free Robux for their video games. The truth is that this is not a simple task.

However, there is no need to worry since the platform features a virtual economy that permits transactions between its users. 

how to donate robux to friends

  1. Be sure that the participant you might be donating to has a donation clothes item accessible for sale. To make and promote clothes, the participant should have a paid Builder’s Membership account. As soon as the clothes is created, the participant should add it to the catalog and specify the worth
  2. Log in to your Roblox account.
  3. Click on the “Catalog” tab within the blue navigation bar.
  4. Enter the name of the donation clothes item within the search bar and click on “Search.” The identity is set by the creator of the clothes item.
  5. Click on the item within the search result.
  6. Click on the “Buy with R$” button to the right of the item to buy the item.

  • The first factor is to ensure that you purchase the donation clothing item that the platform offers. 
  • The next step is to make and swap the clothing items that they acquire. In any case, the players who are looking to transfer their Robux must purchase their membership funding from the video game providers. 
  • After you complete making the clothing items, the next step is to upload the details to the online directory and make sure that they specify the price. 
  • Next, ensure that you sign in to their account on Roblox. 
  • Click on the “Catalog” button that appears in the search bar, which is blue. 
  • You will have to provide the specs of the clothing item and the Roblox user’s name that you would like to donate to on the navigation bar and click on Search. 
  • It is the purpose of the user who creates the Roblox clothing item to determine its title. 
  • Choose the item that you are looking for in the search results that will pop up. 
  • Once you locate the clothing item that you are looking for, the next step is to click on buy. Clicking on the button will complete the process and shall surely donate Robux on Roblox. 

How Does the Trading System on Roblox Work?

Roblox features a specific trading system that works correctly for the Builders Club members only. For users to access this service, they must connect with Outrageous, turbo, or Classic.

The most important part of it all is to ensure that the account you would like to send to complies with all the requirements.

Henceforth, users can donate or trade Robux under the trading opportunities that the Builders club account provides for Roblox. 

Players are free to exchange and donate any amount of Robux that they wish to share with their friends who need quick access to essential resources.

Here is a guide to help you learn how to donate Robux 2021. This guide is beneficial, especially for the people who are new to this type of gaming. 

how to donate Robux 2021

  • Go to the profile of the person you would like to donate to Robux. 

  • Next, click to open the menu available at the top-right corner of the receivers’ additional details and username. 

  • Click on the “Trade Items” that appear within the menu to proceed to the next step. 

  • Next, you will have to specify the amount of Robux that you would like to donate or trade to other users. 

  • It would be best to note that the company would deduct at least 30% of the amount you seek to transact to serve as the transaction fee. 

  • You will click on the “Submit” button to complete the procedure as soon as you enter the amount you would like to transfer. 

  • The service ensures they send a private message to the receiver to notify them that someone has transferred Robux to their account. 

Can I Donate Robux to Friends Outside the Builders Club?

The most important factor to highlight under this category is that this process is a bit complex if you compare it to the other options.

It would be best to contact the third-party receiver to add the receiver to the Builders Club. Next, you can create a purchase by directly purchasing any clothing item and ensuring that you add money to the group. 

Finally, you can follow the guide on how to donate Robux on mobile to complete the steps that come henceforth. The group admin could help you achieve the transaction when it comes to settling on the amount you would like to trade. 

How to Create a Game Pass

The good thing about how to donate Robux 2020 is that it is not all about trading the t-shirts. You can also complete the procedure by building and selling a game pass.

However, you should note that the process of donating Robux, in this case, is very complicated. Reports have that trying to give Robux using this method could become more expensive, mostly whenever you trade most of the profits you make.


This guide on how to donate Robux must be helpful to you. It has highlighted several factors that you must understand. It would be best to research further the topics that surround video gaming to understand this topic better.

All in all, video games feature frequent updates, and it is essential to always check on the official gaming provider for any update. Above all, it is possible to donate Robux on Roblox, and this guide has provided you with a clear overview of how to complete the procedure.

Besides, it explains how exactly the trading system on Roblox works to put you in a better position so that you can understand everything well. 

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