How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture In 50 Seconds

Spotify is undoubtedly a piece of amazing music streaming app with lots of customized features and a collection of Millions of songs. In this short blog, we are going to tell you about the simple process for how to change Spotify playlist picture on your android and PC.

Everyone creates a personalized playlist on Spotify app in which they add up all their favorite songs.  

However, most of us generally wonder how we can select our favorite playlist picture on Spotify. 

Most of us believe that an attractive Spotify playlist picture will give good vibes while streaming music on Spotify. 

There is a simple way for iOS users through which they can accomplish this task.    

But in case if you are an Android user, then you must have to follow us for changing the playlist picture on Spotify. 

If you are tired up of giving up on all your attempts on this, then we will tell you about an incredible app for Android which is available on Google Play Store which will help you out with this.  

Firstly, we will let you know how to change Spotify playlist picture on an Android device and thereafter, a short description for the PC as well. 

Before we start, keep in mind that you have to install a third-party application in your Android device. 

These third-party apps are the only way that could help you with how to change playlist picture on spotify. 

That’s why if you are comfortable in sharing your Spotify credentials with a third-party app, then just go with it. 

So, here we go with the process below:

How to change Spotify playlist Picture on phone 2021

  • Click On The Playlist Image
  • Click On The Edit Option
  • Choose Which Image You Want And Replace It
  • Enter The Playlist Name And Description
  • Click To Save The Change

  • How to change playlist picture on spotify on phone

    Because there is no straightforward way to change Spotify playlist picture for the Android users, that’s why we are going to install a third-party app named “Change playlist image – Spotify”. 

    This app will basically take some authorizations or permissions and will do the desired task for us. 

    Users can get this app easily from Google Play Store without any charge. 

    STEP 1. Just, click on the Install icon to install it on your Android devices for further steps. 

    The app is lite and its installation size is hardly less than 2 MB.

    Open the app when it is installed successfully.

    STEP 2: It will ask your Spotify login credentials. 

    So, just fill up the blank spaces and click on the “Login” icon. 

    STEP 3. Now, it will automatically dig out all the playlists associated with your account in the next few moments. 

    STEP 4. Click on that specific playlist whose picture you wanna change. The app will then ask you for media and storage access permission

    STEP 5. Give all the desired permissions and then click on the “Choose Image” option. You may now select your favourite picture from your phone’s data and can apply straightaway. 

    STEP 6. Now, head back towards Spotify account on your phone and see what you get. Your desired Spotify Playlist Picture you wishes is now changed with the older one. 

    In this way, you can easily accomplish your task and can uninstall that third-party app if you want. 

    However, we don’t suggest you for the same because you can take off all the given permissions directly from your Spotify app immediately when you are done. 

    And needless to say, that app will no longer get your Spotify activity until you grant permissions back again.       

    How to change Spotify playlist Picture on Computer (video)

    Source:how to change spotify playlist picture

    How to change Spotify playlist Picture on Computer

    If you generally flash up your music streaming activity over your PC, then you must know that it is pretty much easy to change the Spotify playlist picture on PC.

    But for those who didn’t know it, read and follow these simple step by step instructions: 

    First of all, head over to the Spotify Desktop app and login with your account. 

    STEP 1: Click on the playlist image

    Now, open your Spotify playlist and there you will find the playlist picture icon. 

    STEP 2: Click on the Edit option.

    When you move the cursor pointer towards the Playlist picture icon, then you will get an Edit icon in the Pencil shape icon. 

    STEP 3: Chose which image you want and replace it.

    When you click on that edit icon, you will see a new window from where you can change the existing playlist picture with a new one. 

    And please make sure you have already downloaded or saved your favourite picture in your PC. 

    STEP 4: Enter the playlist name and description.

    Now, save the changes and restart the Spotify music streaming desktop app once. 

    STEP 5: Click to save the change.

    The newly changed playlist picture will start appearing in your playlist and this is exactly where how to change picture on spotify playlist process ends.       

    Why can’t I change my Spotify playlist cover?

    If you are still unable to change the Spotify playlist cover in either your phone or PC, then it might be a working bug in Spotify.

    You may try to refresh the webpage or can perform a reinstallation of the Spotify app to counter this problem.  

    The steps for how to change playlist picture on spotify process are pretty much simple as you have already seen above. 

    That’s why, just perform either reinstallation or take help from some third-party app to tackle the issue. 

    How do I edit a Spotify playlist?

    In order to edit your personal Spotify Playlist, open the app in your device and head towards the Library icon. 

    You will find your playlists over there and when you open it, you will discover three dots option on the top-right corner.

    Click on it and you will finally get the “Edit Playlist” option which will help you out in adding or remove songs hassle-free.


    Setting up your favorite Spotify Playlist Picture is indeed a great way to get positive vibes while listening to music. 

    It will make to look your playlist more sensational and attractive. 

    You are just required to follow all these mentioned guidelines step by step to accomplish your task. 

    How to change Spotify playlist picture on Android was difficult to realize before the launch of the app we listed in this article. 

    Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and suggestions related to this blog below in the comments section.  

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