How to Change Skype Name

Skype is undoubtedly the most famous chatting and video calling application and is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Moreover, many people also use it for commercial purposes.

It’s a surprisingly common experience: you signed up for Skype with a smart username and just regretted your talent when you invited to use the app for a job interview.

However, you are not completely unlucky. Although your account username cannot be changed, you can change the display name to resolve the issue.

So how to Change Skype NameCan you Change your Skype ID? You will no longer need to delete your account and start over. So read on.

How to Change Skype Name on laptop

Log in to your Skype account

  • Click on the “Skype Profile” icon
  • Click on the “pencil icon” and change your name

  • How Do I Create a Skype Username?

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Enter your Email ID and password

    Click the Skype App on your mobile or a laptop. Fill in your email address and password.

    If someone else already uses the Skype name of your choice, you will receive a message.

    In this case, create an account with a different Skype name

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Enter First name and Last name

    The next required field is the Skype First name and Last name.

    If you provide this Skype name to someone in the future, he/she may use it to call you.

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Select your “country” and “Date of birth”

    Under the profile information, you only need to fill in the country: If you click the arrow, a country selection provided.

    Select your country by clicking on the name of the selection list. You can also fill in other information.

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Enter the captcha and click “Next”

    Then enter the text in the field below (called “Verification Code”, a unique access control code), and finally click “Next“.

    How to Change Skype Name

    Can You Change Your Skype ID?

    Changing your username is easy, but again, you must have a new email account to change it.

    You can use virtually any email you need, or you can entirely create a new Microsoft account, although you will lose all your contacts.

    In simple words, you can create a new account but can not change your current user name on an existing account. 

    Is Skype Name and Skype ID The Same?

    Skype display name is different from the username.

    You can change the Skype name at any time, and this is what other Skype users see when they communicate with you.

    The Skype ID is the email address used to create a Microsoft account. 

    Can You Choose Your Skype Username?

    You can’t choose your Skype username, however, you have the option to select and edit/change your profile name for display.

    Your username/login ID on Microsoft Account is normally your email address or contact number.

    The Skype name is not that important anymore.

    How do I Change My Skype Name on Windows 10?

    The year 2020 brings a lot of changes in the world. I found many queries in this year in which people ask How do I change my Skype name 2020.

    1. Log in to your Skype account

    To edit the Skype name, you need to start Skype and then log in to your account using an email or phone number and password.

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Click on the “Skype Profile” icon

    Next, click on your profile image icon or display name. Both options are placed in the upper left corner of the screen. It will open a window where you need to click on the “Skype Profile” icon.

    How to Change Skype Name
    1. Click on the “pencil icon” and change your name

    This click will open a new window where you will find your name at the top of the center of the page below the photo.

    A pencil icon appears to the right of your name. Clicking this icon will make your name editable. You will be able to delete your old name and enter a new display name.

    To do this, you can click Enter/Return or click the checkmark to the right of the text bar 

    How to Change Skype Name

    Why Can’t I Edit My Skype Name?

    Your Skype username or login ID is the name of your account, which usually starts with live (username), and cannot be changed because it is generated based on the email you use.

    Your only option is to change the display name and other details of your account, but you cannot change the Skype name.

    However, you can create a fresh account for use on Skype, although this means giving up all your contacts because it won’t sync or move contacts and conversation history on your old Skype account.

    If you choose this method, create an email account that you want to use as your login ID/username and always sign in with the login credentials of the account you want to use.

    You can set up multiple accounts, but the challenge is to make sure you log in and manage each account correctly.

    More Features of Skype:

    How to Change Skype Name

    Here are some different platforms that can use Skype. You can use Skype on desktops, mobile devices, tablets, Xbox, and Alexa.

    Skype provides you with a free phone number. You can purchase Skype points.

    Now, if you haven’t set a Skype custom number, you can set a custom display number. Skype displays random numbers when calling over IP.

    You need a Skype account to purchase Skype Points. Skype does not support emergency calls.

    My Skype number can receive calls from my local mobile number, and I can make calls to all over the world by Skype number.

    All you need is Skype credit to make a call.

    Skype has an extensive range of features, such as Skype click-to-call, push-to-talk Skype, Skype Chromecast, etc.

    Skype users should know all the features of Skype.

    It has convenient features that make communication simple and straightforward. You can access Skype support

    Conclusion of How to Change Skype Name

    Skype is a beneficial application worldwide and mostly use for critical live meetings.

    You have completed the reading about How to Change Skype Name.

    Obviously, changing the display name is very easy.

    However, it should be imported to mention that all these methods will only work if Microsoft opened a Skype account after acquiring Skype in 2011.

    This method does not work for older accounts.

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