How to Change Shipping Address on eBay

The eBay Inc. refers to an American e-commerce corporation that is multinational and operates from San Jose in California.

The company facilitates buyer-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales through its website.

The company started to work back in 1995 after Pierre Omidyar founded it.

Over the years, eBay has managed to sustain its position in the industry of online trading.

At the moment, the company is a multibillion-dollar facility and operates in more than 30 countries.

In this post we look at how to change shipping address on eBay.

The company runs an online platform, which is also an online shopping and auction website where users and companies can sell and buy an array of services and goods from across the globe.

The platform offers free services to buyers, but it charges a reasonable fee to the sellers for listing their items on the website.

The prices apply several days after the site accepts sellers’ products and allows them to make several initial sales for free.

The platform features the original auction-style sales.

Thus, they have expanded and evolved to provide services such as online event ticket trading, online classified adverts, several types of SKY numbers, shopping through Universal Product Code, and instant “Buy It Now” shopping.

The company also offers online money transfer services. EBay Inc. also owned PayPal from 2002 to 2015.

The eBay Inc. does not provide users with the option to edit their address after they place any orders.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you make all the changes necessary in regard to the shipping address before you place your order.

It is possible to manage both the secondary and primary shipping address from the Update Shipping Address Page.

How to change shipping address on eBay

  • Visit your Ebay, then go to your account and choose Personal information.
  • Click on edit and change your name, shipping address and mobile number.
  • Now Enter your new shipping address.
  • Recheck your changes and click on Update.

How to change shipping address on eBay? Follow the following procedure:

  1. Visit the platform and log in to your eBay account to make the changes from the Update Shipping Address Page.
  1. You can then click on edit to complete the changes you wish to make. Next, you need to fill out the form that pops up to and then click on Ship to This Address so that you can save the changes you just made.
  1. You are also eligible to ass a new secondary shipping destination by manually filling out the form that pops up when you click on the Update Shipping Address Page and select Add a New Address.
  1. The platform will often display your primary destination email by default any time you try to make a transaction during the checkout procedure.
  1. As a result, you should be cautious about this segment and should provide an accurate address where you would like the company to ship the majority of your products. Nevertheless, eBay provides users with the option to change the email destination any time they try to buy items on the platform.
  1. Fill in your phone number, address, name, and select your country. Next, you can click on Add New Address to complete the procedure to add a new secondary shipping destination.
  1. You can also click on Delete address next to the shipping method is you would like to delete it from your eBay account.

This will be the precise procedure on how to change shipping address on eBay.

Above all, you can click on the Make Primary button next to one of your secondary shipping destinations to make it the primary shipping address.

Now that we know how to change shipping address on eBay, let me share some basic info about the company.

Since 2000, business transactions on eBay multiply since the company invests a lot in expanding its product categories beyond customers’ expectations and provides all the collectibles for a saleable item.

The company registered over 12 million users in 2000. They also expressed a cyber inventory of over 4.5 million items on sale in 24 hours.

The company bought iBazar in February 2002. IBazar is much similar to eBay.

The company also bought PayPal on 3rd October 20002. By 2008 eBay had expanded a lot on its comprehensive services.

The company was counting hundreds of millions of users by that time and, at the same time, more than 15,000 employees.

The company’s revenue was around $7.7 billion by that year. In 2009 eBay sold Skype at around $2.75 billion but still owns 30% equity in Skype.

In mid-2012, the company faced charges by the US Department of Justice for entering into non-solicitation agreements with many other tech firms that involved highly skilled workers.

On 30th September 2014, eBay broadcasted that it would release PayPal to operate as an independent public company.

Carl Icahn made the demand to release PayPal as an independent company nine months earlier.

On 18th July 2015, the company’s chief executive stepped down from his role.

The eBay Inc. and Flipkart signed a strategic partnership in 2017.

The association offered eBay a 5.44% stake in the Flipkart exchange for their business in India for $211 Mn and an additional $514 Mn cash investment.

Apart from the partnership agreement, Flipkart also wished to use the eBay platform for its purpose of global outsourcing.

The eBay Inc. Company Logo

Apart from how to change shipping address on eBay, you are lucky to know more about the company logo.

In 2012, the company introduced a logo that was set in the Univers typeface, although it was using a slight variation of their original logo.

The company installed the logo on their website on 10th October 2012.

also, the company released a logo with a thicker Univers variation, which replaced the one they launched back in 1995.

The company also introduced an all-red eBay logo to apply temporarily for various holidays.

How to eBay Makes Profit and Transactions

The eBay Inc. calculates its revenue by a particular procedure of listing product features, fees for services, and a final value fee for sales that sellers complete.

Since 2019 the company charges averagely 0.35 dollars as an insertion fee for any kind of basic listing without making any adornments.

The final value of the cost that eBay deducts on sales is around 10 to 12 percent of the total cost of sales.

The total cost of sales includes the shipping charges plus the price of the commodity.

The eBay Inc. registered users can access reduced final value fees.

Most other eBay platforms apply the same fee structure but deduct different charges.

The US law states that a state does not have the mandate to ask sellers who live outside their state to collect any kind of sales tax.

The law enables eBay to attract more buyers among Americans.

However, it is essential to note that sellers operating as firms have to adhere to tax regulations when using eBay to transact.

All the same, the government initiated measures to help charge sales tax on all purchases that clients make through eBay.

One of the essential strategies that eBay initiates is to increase the value of international trade, thus, they have expanded their business to several countries, including India and China.

It is vital to mention that the company’s attempts to expand its operation in Japan and Taiwan have failed terribly.

The company extended its services to the cities back in 2002, but they had to shut down its operation in 2007.

In most cases, eBay sellers have the mandate to access an array of payment methods such as,,,, and

The company banned was on 27th September 2015, saying that there was minimal use of the payment methods. is the official eBay’s escrow site.

Most times, the transaction that happens via relate to eBay motors.

However, the platform does not have any limitations to the money transfer method.

The company operates an affiliate program through their eBay Partner Network.

Affiliate marketers on the platform get the payments as a percentage of the transaction fee that the seller makes.

The transactions also come with 50 to 75 percent of the charges that apply to the item they purchase.

The eBay Inc. changed their affiliate payout system back in October 2009, a system which the call Quality Click Pricing.

The Quality Click Pricing system enables the affiliates to collect some income through an undisclosed algorithm.

The company then divides the total amount that the affiliate earns with over the number of clicks that they sent to eBay.

The platform refers to the clicks that the seller makes as EPC or Earnings per Click.

EPN launched a new pricing method in October 2013.

The new mode operated basing on the category-level base commission rates together with the bonuses available for referring reactivated or new buyers.

The eBay Inc. recorded a 29% revenue increase on 18th April 2012 if you compared it to its revenue in 2011.

The net come for that quarter was averagely $570 million.

How eBay and PayPal Relates

We expand the topic how to change shipping address on eBay to more information about the company and other companies.

On 3rd October 2002, eBay took over PayPal as its subsidiary business.

The corporate headquarters for PayPal was in San Jose, California.

Later on 30th September 2014, the company announced that it had released PayPal to operate as an independent firm.

The company completed all the transactions by 20th July 2015.

How eBay and Craigslist Relate

In 2004, eBay announced that their firm had attained 255 of top classified listings on Craigslist.

The form executive of Craigslist, Mr. Philip Knowlton, made the sale, and he explained that all the associated officials were away from the transaction.

The company made a point of assurance to Craigslist that they will never direct them to change their mode of operation in any way.

eBay launched a classified service in March 2005.

The company, later on, sued Craigslist to take over the financial investment.

eBay said that in January 2008, Craigslist made decisions that unfairly failed the economic interest of eBay by over ten percent.

Later on, in May 2008, Craigslist countersued eBay to help remedy the ongoing and substantial harm to their fair competition.

Craigslist said that the loss was an outcome of eBay’s decisions as a Craigslist stakeholder.

The Delaware Judge, Mr. William Chandler, ruled in September 2010 that the actions that Craigslist took were unlawful and pointed the finger on Craigslist founders Mr. Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster.

He said that the two had breached their fiduciary duty of loyalty.

He further increased eBay shares in the partnership to 28.45% from the previous 24.85%.

Nevertheless, the judge dismissed the objections that eBay submitted to a staggered board provision, saying that Craigslist has maximum rights to protect their trade secrets.

How eBay and Skype Relate

The eBay Inc. acquired Skype Technologies back in October 2005.

Skype Technologies are the developers of Instant Messaging and Skype VoIP service.

Therefore, the company considerably expanded its client base to over 480 million users worldwide.

In May 2011, the company officially sold Skype business to Microsoft for around $8.5 billion

How eBay relates With StubHub

The eBay announced that the acquisition of StubHub back in January 2007, reporting that the transaction cost was average $310 million.

CNN Money says that 2007 was a successful business year for eBay sitting that the company handled over 5 million transactions.

This rate was more than the combination of their past six years of the transaction history.

At the time of the sale of StubHub, the staffing rate at the company increased to 350 workers.

Later on, after signing an agreement with eBay, StubHub reached a mutual agreement with MLB (Major League Baseball).

The deal was that they should collect 25 percent commission from whatever StubHub earns at the end of any sale they make.

In 2007, Ticketmaster filed a case against eBay and StubHub claiming that the b companies had committed intentional interference with their contractual rights.

How eBay relates to Corrigan

Let us wind up with the company relationship with other companies before we embark on how to change shipping address on eBay.

The eBay Inc. repurchased Corrigan in October 2016 for not more than $30 million.

The company is a visual search engine online platform.

What Items Can I Purchase on eBay?

The eBay Inc. offers millions of miscellaneous items such as vehicles, domain names, equipment, furnishing, computers, appliances, décor, and collectibles.

The company launched its Industrial and Business category back in 2006, hence, breaking into an industrial surplus agency.

In general, you can auction any product on the platform provided it is not a legal product and that it does not violate eBay restricted and prohibited items policy.

You can also sell intangibles and services via the platform.

Prominent international business enterprises such as IBM offer their latest services and products on the platform using fixed price storefronts and competitive auctions.

Some other independent platforms on the websites, for example, eBay UK and eBay US, enable their customers to trade via their local currency.

Software developers are free to join the eBay Developers Program and develop programs that can integrate well with the platform.

The company boasted of more than 15,000 members in their Developers Program by June 2005.

The number of members comprised of an array of firms developing software applications to promote eBay affiliates, as well as eBay buyers and sellers.

Up to now, police and government agencies from all over the world use eBay to dispose of confiscated and seized goods.

Nevertheless, there is considerable controversy over the items available for bid on the platform.

For example, a man once offered one of his kidneys in 1999 for sale on the platform, trying to make a profit from the lucrative market for human organs in the United States.

The platform further increased their number of listings when they introduced Health and Beauty items together with Video games back in August 2007.

However, most Video Games sellers accepted payment strictly through PayPal.

Thus, the company later announced on 10th January 2008 that sellers of items in the category of tech would receive cash only via PayPal.

The group includes MRO, Industrial Supply, Business & Office, Home Phones & Mobiles, Job Lots & Wholesale, MP3 Players, Consumer Electronics, Software, and Computing.

The company further explained that sellers who recorded less than 100 feedbacks should accept payment via PayPal and offered no alternative merchant account.

Furthermore, eBay set the requirement for all sellers operating from the UK and in Australia to list PayPal as a primary method of payment.

Later on, the company removed the restrictions on the payment method for Australia following concerns that the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission filed on PayPal as a primary payment method.

The company launched its new eBay Express platform on 24th April 2006, which works as the standard Internet shopping platform for clients in the US.

The eBay Inc. began the UK version of its service in mid-October 2006.

Nevertheless, they announced their intention to close the platform on 29th January 2008.

The company also opened the German version of eBay express in 2006 and later closed it in 2008.

By now you understand how to change shipping address on eBay.

All in all, you should know that eBay announced its intention to sell its SM Apps (Manager Application program) at the 2008 Developers Conference.

The function of the program is to enable developers to integrate their apps into the interface.

The apps that eBay developers create are available for easy subscription by the members of eBay who can also subscribe to the Selling Manager.

eBay now runs a series of specialty websites such as review & guides, chat rooms, answer centers, groups, and discussion boards.

The eBay Inc. mobile services include Java ME clients, a WAP site, and SMS alerts.

The company also offers mobile apps for Apple, Android OS, and Windows Phone.

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