How to change reddit username 2021 possible or not?

Before posting this article we also searched can i change my username on reddit.

But on every website, they mentioned only one thing that is it’s not possible to change reddit username.

So, we checked in the Reddit help community, but they also mentioned that there is no way of changing usernames. 

About Reddit

If you spending a lot of time online you might hear about reddit. So question is that what is reddit ?

It is a collection of forums where people share their opinion, post and comments, etc.. Okay, So the next question is how much popular it is?

According to Alexa, It is the sixth most popular website in the United States and 18th worldwide. Enough with the introduction let’s come to the point.

How To Change Reddit Username

It is not possible to change Reddit username there is only one way you have to deactivate your account and you have to create a new username. Another way you can change the display name.

You can check screenshot here:

Image Source :

Image Source :

I know this is bad new for you guys, But this is not a end as you know that we can’t change reddit username but we can change display name

How to change Reddit display name

  1. Click on “User Setting

  1. Now click on “Profile” fill your name in “Display name” section and it will be automatically saved

  1. Now you can check your overview section


Q 1 : How do I delete a Reddit username?

Ans 1: You can easily delete your reddit username in just 3 steps. But before you delete your username, Let me tell you clearly that if you delete your account you can never get it back.

So think twice before deleting your account and one more important thing you have to remember before deleting your account that all your contents or post won’t delete automatically, you have to delete your all posts, contents and comments manually.

  1. Got to your User setting option

Once you login reddit, click on your account and tap on user setting

  1. Click “Deactivate Account

After clicking on “User Setting“, Now click on “Deactivate Account” which is available at the bottom of the page

  1. Now the final step, Fill up your information and click on “Deactivate

Work is almost done, you are just one step away from your destination

Q 2: How do I make a Reddit username?

Ans 2: Creating an account in Reddit and make your own username is really simple just like the peace of cake.

It’s a simple 3 step procedure :

  1. Visit a and click on the “Sign up” button.
  1. Enter your Email ID and click “Next

After clicking the “Sign up” button you have to give your email ID

  1. Enter your username and password, click on the “Sign up” button

Now you have to choose your username and password, solve the captcha and click on “sign up” button


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