How to change ps4 controller color easily in 2021

In this article we’re gonna be teaching you how to change ps4 controller color into any different types of colors really so as you can see right now it’s changing a purple-pink red orange green yellow blue dark blue all types of colors so you can do this before controllers we gonna do with this one.

so we gonna plug this one to show you guys how to do it we’re gonna need is you need a PC or a laptop and a ps4 controller we showing you guys right now this won’t work on consoles.

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how to change the light bar color on your ps4 controller (Video)

When you connect the controller to this, it’s just gonna start glowing yellow when you charge it on a console so this is for PlayStation controllers to PC and it works pretty well, so what you need is the USB charger for the ps4 controller connect that to you PC and just go to Google and we really want to do is you go ahead and click on the link 

How To Change Ps4 Controller Color

STEP 1: so you guys can download it but once you’re here you want to we gonna go back all the way back so we can show you guys once you click the link in it’s gonna take you here

how to change ps4 controller color

STEP 2: so what you want to do is click on input mapper click on that alright and you want to click on the very first one right here so you want to click download.

how to change ps4 controller color

STEP 3: right here click download and as you can see right here what you have to do is accept the license agreement which is I accept the above conditions you guys can read this it’s really just gonna tell you.

how to change ps4 controller color

 I read it already cuz we want to make sure I wasn’t gonna get like a virus anything so really it’s just telling you to like it’s gonna you know above all it will work and there’s no donation required they have a donate link if you wanna donate to them know above about third-party PC whatever just accept it and download it.

once you’ve done it’s gonna show up right here on your desktop input mapper and when you open it you’re gonna be here to the homepage and we want to do is click on profiles you wanna click on

new profile and call my new profile right here so click on new profile right up there it’s gonna take you here so you don’t really have to change anything here 

you really have to just go to the configuration on the bot on the top and you want to scroll down to see the lightbar settings. You want to change all of this to rainbow so we are going to change this to rainbows. 

if you want you can change it other things but we gonna turn everything rainbow and you go down right here just make sure I don’t disconnect is on put it for 300 seconds that’s like five minutes we pretty sure and pretty much you can just play around with the settings but once you’re done you want to save up here and you want to click on profile click on your new profile make sure you have your controller

connected as you can see it’s yellow and it will do the rainbow colors 

so profile and then you actually go ahead and add all sentenced a default new profile there we go so now it’s a rainbow ish so you got the purple-red green orange blue fly in my room that rhymed blue dark blue-purple you know it just changes to the whole bunch of colors.

So this is the method which you can use to know how to change color on ps4 controller

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