how to buy Robux with gift card

previously we covered a few topics about Robux like how to get free Robux or how to donate Robux to friends.

Many people contact me and requested me to write article about how to redeem robux gift card.

I don’t why people are requesting me because this is a very simple process to buy robux from gift card.

So i am writing this article for those people who are new or don’t know how to get robux with gift card.

How To Buy Robux With Gift Card

  1. First go to roblox/giftcards
  2. In the top right corner, you get the LOCATION and REDEEM CARD button
How To Buy Robux With Gift Card
  1. Select your country and then click on REDEEM CARD
  2. After that on the next page, they ask you Enter PIN Code
How To Buy Robux With Gift Card
  1. When you enter your PIN code they show you a gift card balance
  1. After that, you able to see CONVERT TO ROBUX button, click on that
  2. They ask you for confirmation, you have to click CONFIRM button.
  1. Now it’s successfully done.

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